Multichannel LED Receivers from InStyle LED

4-Channel LED Receiver (4x 5amp)

    4-Channel LED Receiver (4x 8amp)

      5-Ch ZigBee LED Receiver (5x 4amp)

        Constant Current Multichannel Receiver

          WiFi & RF 5 in 1 LED Controller

            RGB/RGBW Digital (SPI) Pixel LED Controller

              InStyle supply a range of multichannel LED receivers. All provide up to 4-channel output, ideal for use with colour-changing (RGB or RGBW) LEDs.

              For constant-voltage projects (LED strip lighting, etc), choose our powwerful 8-amp mutichannel receiver. For large projects/installations, multiple receivers can be used in combination, as required by your lighting design.

              Some LED products (eg, downlights, groundlights) require a constant-current signal. For such applications, we’ll supply a compatible constant-current multichannel receiver that delivers a fixed 350-milliamp output.

              To learn how to connect your LED receiver, see our support page on connecting LEDs. And there’s also a support page on the controllers available for use with our multichannel receivers and RGB/RGBW LED tapes.