Essential Accessories for your LED tape projects


Terminal-Block Connectors

DC Push Connectors (pair)

Power cables for LED strip lights

200W TRIAC Rotary Dimmer (Aurora)

400W TRIAC Rotary Dimmer (chrome)

Tape to Tape Connectors

Inline LED Keypad Dimmer

Flexible Link Connectors

Starter Lead Connectors

Strong Foam Backing Tape

Heat Shrink IP67 Coating

PIR Sensor


PIR Touch


All the essentials you’ll need to complete your LED installation – from tape and cable connectors, to extra-strength adhesive tape backing and waterproof heatshrink seals.

If your LED strips were not ordered pre-cut to length and you need to connect them on the fly, we have handy tape-to-tape connectors (as well as starter-lead connectors and flexible links for corner installations).

For very simple LED dimming, our inline keypad dimmer could be just the job. Or maybe you’re planning to manage your single-colour LEDs using a TRIAC power supply – if so, we can supply a compatible Aurora rotary dimmer.

To protect against moisture, we can heatshrink and glue-seal your LED strips to IP65 or IP67 ratings. But if you prefer to add protection yourself, then we’ve got on-the-roll heatshrink you can fit. And we can also supply extra-strong adhesive backing for your LEDs – highly recommended if you’re fitting them to a vertical surface (walls) or a ceiling.

Finally, we have the electrical cable your projects needs – 2-core, 4-core and 5-core power cables are available. And we have a range of terminal block, push-on and gel-crimp connectors to make wiring easy.