0-10 Volt LED Control – Dimmers & Drivers from InStyle LED

0-10v LED Dimming module

Instyle LED 0-10v LED Receiver

    0-10 volt LEDs is an analogue lighting protocol often used to control LED dimming. It works by adjusting voltage in a range between zero and 10 volts (DC), and using the output to vary the LEDs’ brightness.

    For small projects, our 0-10V LED dimmer is the ideal choice. Providing single-channel output and outputting up to 192 watts (at 24V), this module can control over 15 metres of 5W LED tape. (Note: you’ll need a separate power supply.) Ideal for controlling white and single-colour LEDs.

    0-10V dimming can be used for multichannel (RGB/RGBW) LED control, by treating each channel as a single colour. Due to its complexity, we don’t advise this approach – and recommend 0-10V dimming for single-colour dimming only. For RGB/RGBW applications, we recommend control via multichannel RF LED receivers, DALI receivers, or DMX.