Shorties Barbers, Cooler than a polar bear’s toenails.
– Location: lower clapton, east london.

This place just looks & feels so much more than a barber shop. A masterclass in creating a fun environment to get your regular shape up!
(We’ve heard they have a great selection of drinks too!)

The project brief here was for suspended LED lighting, so what better product than INSTYLE LEDs 300° LED Tubes. 12 pcs in total, a combination of 1 and 2mtr lengths, populated with our specialist RGB-NW LED strip for a completely smooth finish across each length from start to finish.

Our client was so happy with the output on the RGB-NW colour changing LED here that we had a cool little addition! .. Can you spot it?

Shorties Barbers inside
Mirrors inside Shorties Barbers
Our versatile 300° tubes are a fit for all different types of industries, whether it be retail and pos, bars / clubs, gyms, residential projects or signage. Versatile how? You might ask, the strength of the polycarbonate casing allows them to be used within bars and retail environments but not look out of place in a gym or your home install.  oh and they’re completely bespoke! – A little more on that below.
– Available in suspended or wall mounted options.
– Any length up to 2mtrs
– We make these to order so have the flexibility of populating with any of our specialist LED strips, so single colour whites, red, green, blue. or RGBW colour changing if you prefer.
– Not only do you have the choice of colours, but also the wattage (brightness) so depending on the application we can select the perfect option for you.
– We can also supply bespoke coloured cables for your installation too. so if you have a black panelled or painted wall / ceiling, we can make sure the cables are black too so they’re almost unnoticeable.

Find out more by clicking the link below and take yourself to the 300° product page

– 300° Product Link: Click Here
– LED Strip Used: Click Here
Controller / Receiver Used: Click Here
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