45 West Bar Bottle Shop LEDs

Project Description

In the heart of Leicester’s vibrant nightlife, and just a stone’s throw away from the city’s cathedral, you’ll find 45 West – a unique drinks venue where true enthusiasts will discover a carefully curated range of quality wines, premium spirits, craft beers and cocktails.

The bar’s comfortably elegant vibe owes a lot to its lighting design. To set off an array of cleverly-positioned rainbow-colour downlights, LED strip-lighting from InStyle is installed along display shelves, counter-tops and other linear surfaces.

Outputting a warm white light (with colour temperature around 3000K), the strips help to create an inviting ambience that makes patrons feel right at home.

LED strip lights

Over 60 metres of LED strip lights were used in the project.

The strips draw 10 watts per metre, which is perfect for feature lighting applications like these highlighted edges. InStyle’s in-house team pre-cut all the strips to the lengths required before dispatching them.

Those strips to be fitted in locations where there was a risk of splashes or spillage, were coated in moisture-resistant heatshrink plastic (IP65-rated protection).

LED dimming & brightness control

Because venue lighting needs to be adjustable, to create varying moods as the evening progresses or for different events, the LED installation offers full brightness/dimming via RF (radio-frequency) control.

45 West uses a 5-zone handheld-remote controller to manage their LEDs, in conjunction with a collection of RF LED receivers.

Project Gallery

From signature G & T’s and an extensive cocktail menu to an eclectic offering of fine wines, craft beers and premium spirits from the world over, it’s all to discover at 45 West.

And why not sample the 45 Gin School Experience – a cocktail and gin infused masterclass that offers a unique insight into how to make gin and the magical world of distilling – click here to learn more!