Dior’s Christmas shop window display

Project Description

Dior the famous fashion chain found all around the world with all the latest clothes and accessories from the label.

In 2013 InStyle LED lighting was called upon to supply the London, Bond Street store with quality 20 watt white high bright LED Tape for their Christmas shop window display. The display features two three story high doll houses.

Make this dollhouse shine

The dollhouse had doors on each of its floors, that opened and closed on their own. Connected by a PC-programmable DMX controller and a DMX circuit board, the doors were connected to a servo motor that opened and closed them automatically. When the doors opened, the LED tape was then turned on, in order to illuminate any item that had been placed in the display.

InStyle LED’s colour-changing RGB downlights were used above the dollhouses. These additional lights shone down towards the different doors, highlighting them in conjunction with the white high-brightness LED tape inside the doorway.