Evention Design and Build

Evention Design and Build

Evention Design and build were asked by there client CSG International to provide LED lighting to create unique features for there latest exhibition stand.

Evention Design and Build was formed in 2005, and have an excellent reputation for first class customer service, excellent build quality, and unique and new design solutions.

Evention have worked closely with InStyle LED several times before and sat down together to discuss this latest project.

After reviewing what was required for the project and total of 62m of the Red LED Tape 5w commercial grade was supplied, complete with transformers.

Half of the LED Tape was supplied and fitted to give a Red halo around the centre and main picture of the exhibition stand. This worked to great effect making the stand unique and visible.

The second part of the project was the staircase inside the exhibition. InStyle LED provided the LED Tape already cut and soldered to length to help with ease of installation. 18 x 2m lengths of the LED Tape were used and stuck on the under side of each step using the 3m tape provided on the back of the LED Tape as standard. All of the strips were wired back to a transformer installed halfway up the stair case.

The effect looked stunning, keeping in line with company’s logo colour and giving a unique feature lighting up the stairs.

Click the picture for a better view…

All 3 parties were extremely happy with the results. The unique effect was exactly what the customer were looking for and the installation was easy and quick for Evention due to InStyle making the LED Tape to the required lengths prior to supply.