Headline Music Studios Case Study

LED colour control

Based in South Cambridgeshire, Headline Recording Studio has installed InStyle’s colour-changing LED strip-lights (RGB), to enable control of mood-light shades and colours.

The commercial-grade RGB LED strip lights are controlled by an Instyle DMX Wall controller. DMX-512 is an industry-standard protocol that allows all the connected lights to be controlled using a single wall controller.

Headline’s new LED lighting can not only select static colours and colour-scroll effects, it can also create high brightness white illumination. The studios can even be set to a ‘sound to light’ mode – changing colour in time with the music!

Headline studios with Instyle LED Tape showing drums
Headline studios mirror image using Instyle LED Tape
Headline studios with Instyle LED Tape showing drums and guitars
Headline studios desk with Instyle LED Tape