InStyle’s 9.6w LED Tape installed in UK commercial office building

Multiple floors of the McLaren Building in Birmingham, have had InStyle LED lights installed into the corridors in a refurbishment project. The 9.6w cool White LED Tape was used for this refurbishment project to illuminate the corridors due to the customers preference of LED lighting with its low energy consumption compared to fluorescent tubes and the long life of the LED Tape (50,000 hours continuous use) meaning very little maintenance.

InStyle LED were called upon to supply a commercial grade product to be installed and to be reliable. This was the main source of the lighting for each corridor but the customer didn’t want the lighting to be too bright. John from InStyle LED said he would have usually recommended the 15 LED Tape for this application but due to the customers request of the lights not to be too bright he decided to offer the 9.6w Cool white LED Tape. Approximately 25m of the 9.6w LED Tape was used for each floor, run along the two side walls of the corridor to give an effect shining down the wall. The LED Tape was hidden in a coving so you could not see the light source (the LED dots). This gave a much more professional feel to the lighting as you could just see the smooth effect. The 9.6w LED Tape was cool white on the customers request at around 5500k so it did not have a ‘blue’ tint to the lighting. The effect looks absolutely stunning offering enough light as general lighting whilst looking clean and crisp and a unique lighting feature. The customer was extremely happy with the results.

The McLaren building is a 21 story commercial office building which had been originally built for the bank HSBC. The building is now currently owned by Bruntwood which rent the office space to multiple companies.

Here are some photos taken from the refurbishment showing the White InStyle LED lights:

InStyle LED supplied a very similar project with the 15w cool white LED Tape being fit into a coving corridor in the Oasis headquarters. Be sure to check it out here!