InStyle’s LED tape used in this years Restaurant & Bar Design Awards

InStyle’s LED tape has used in this years Restaurant & Bar Design Awards held in London for three of the five entrants.

The prestigious Restaurant & Bar Design Awards are held once a year; with this years event five previous award winners were invited back to design a temporary Bar/Restaurant for the award ceremony. Three of the five entrants used InStyle’s LED tape lighting in their bar designs to highlight the areas.

Box 2 entrant was designed by DesignLSM which featured InStyle LED’s LED Tape lighting throughout. The main bar featured InStyle’s 14.4w LED Tape pure white which was fitted at the top of the bar under a lip, shining downwards. This lit up the bar with stunning effect. Pure White 4.8w LED Tape was used in pillars all around the room that had a grove cut out of them and then a frosted cover so when the LED’s were shining light out of the pillars, you couldn’t see the individual LED’s. Warm white 4.8w LED tape was used under the tables for each seating area. 2 strips were stuck side by side shinning downwards so that you could only see the desired effect.

Box 3 entrant was designed by B3 designers which used InStyle LED tape 4.8w pure white around the bar area. The LED strip lighting was used to full effect to highlight the texture washing down the front of the bar. The 4.8w pure white LED Tape was also used onto top of the bar to highlight the drinks area. The LED’s were fitted inside the bar shining outwards onto frosted Perspex so that you could only see the ‘halo glow’ effect.

Box 5 entrant was designed by Nicholas Alexander which was in fact a fully functional restaurant at the awards show. InStyle LED tape was used for this box space with 7 layers for the kitchen which gave a stunning feature highlighting the design. This layered theme was also used throughout the design which also included the tables and chairs being illuminated. The LED Tape used was InStyle’s 4.8w type.

InStyle LED supplied all the LED Tape cut and soldered to length for ease of install.

InStyle’s 15w LED Tape has also been installed into Oasis’s Headquarters, be sure to check it out!