Residential LED Lighting – Kitchen Project

Project Description

This Leicestershire kitchen installation uses InStyle’s 20-watt RGBW LED strip lights to create a new world of lighting options.

As you can see in the video above, the homeowner has fitted our LED tape as coving lighting, as well as making use of his kitchen’s existing drop ceiling. This makes the colour-changing RGBW strips a perfect complement for the room’s existing LED downlights.

RGBW – mixing red, green, blue & white

This kitchen is a great showcase for the benefits that InStyle’s RGBW strip lights offer any project. Traditional colour-changing LEDs used three primary-colour diodes (red, green, blue) to mix a nearly infinite range of shades. But when it came to outputting white light – especially whites at the warm end of the Kelvin scale – they tended to struggle.

Each LED on our RGBW strip lights has four diodes, not three. The extra diode is a dedicated white chip, so when the strips are set to output white light it’s that one that does the work. You can choose either pure white or warm white RGBW strip lights when you buy, to fit with your existing lighting scheme. Warm white RGBW strips were chosen for this kitchen project, to fit with the warm white downlights already in place. As the pics show, they’re a perfect match.

Complete control

The strip lights are controlled by a glass-finish touch-panel wall controller, specifically designed to manage RGBW LEDs. (The picture shows it mounted alongside the already installed downlight dimmer.) As well as adjusting brightness, switching on/off and running a range of preprogrammed lighting effects, the controller offers:

  • Four colour buttons (red, green, blue, white) – press to toggle each colour between off and 100% brightness.
  • A central colour-wheel that sets your lights to the shade you choose with just one touch.
  • Four save buttons, that enable you to store and instantly recall your favourite colour settings.