Samba Swirl Frozen Yogurt Bar in Camden, London

Project Description

The Samba Swirl is a Frozen Yogurt store situated in Jamestown road in Camden Town, London. The store brings California-style self service froyo to the UK.

In 2013 Samba swirl underwent a lengthy re-brand to achieve a look that will take Samba Swirl into its next phase of growth. The Camden store is the new flagship store completed with a new design with special features such as colour changing LED lighting throughout, including the floors, wall and ceilings.

The project’s architects, Mizzi Studios, were awarded a prestigious Best Store Design accolade at the 2014 Collect+ Retail Week Enterprise Awards for their Samba Swirl store design.

InStyle LED lighting were called upon because of their renowned quality products, UK manufacturing and expertise in the LED market. The product chosen for the new flagship store was InStyle’s RGB programmable LED strip. Using a suitable controller, our RGB programmable digital tape can create any pattern or effect that the customer required as it is individually programmable every 3 LEDs. This means you can change the colours and brightness every 3 LEDs to create chases, patterns and various effects that the architect had envisioned.

We have been thrilled with the work that InStyle LED have done for our new flagship shop in Camden. The lighting provides a beautiful, cutting edge effect that will give us a major competitive advantage in drawing people into the shop, and perfectly complements what is now a world class brand as our springboard for future sites.

David Packham, Samba Swirl

Cool swirls of LED colour

InStyle LED are more than just an LED supplier. As well as various meetings with the Architect Jonathan Mizzi, InStyle LED also supplied ‘walk over’ frosted extrusion so the product could be fit across the floor, walls and ceilings. The effect is absolutely stunning, the RGB programmable DMX Tape is fitted into the frosted extrusion at the perfect depth to give a smooth effect when looked at.

The architect had several programmes and effects he wanted the DMX strip to display, and InStyle LED’s programmer programmed the strips to do what was asked. The effect is beautiful colour changes changing into chases from start to finish of the LED runs, started from out side the store working their way in across the ceilings floors and walls. The effect can be seen across the street and at night grabs peoples attention with its effects and patterns.

Check out the video here.