Sence Bar & Nightclub in the Arcadian Birmingham

Project Description

Sence Night Club is based in the popular Arcadian complex in Birmingham. A new stylish nightclub, Sence offers a relaxed atmosphere for the city’s most exclusive clientele. Fully fitted with a state-of-the-art sound system, combined with luxurious and elegant furnishings and topped off with a breath-taking lighting system.

State of the art

Because Sence’s owners were looking for state-of-the-art lighting as well, they called upon Instyle LED. Instyle’s LED lights were used both inside and outside of the club to create mood with stunning effect.

Outdoor walls and dome

Externally 16 x 1 watt optic strips (IP67 option) was used to wash the complete exterior wall of the club from top to bottom. The effect is exactly what the customer was looking for, and it certainly lets you know were the club is!

Bar and seating area

Internally Instyle LED’s RGB 14.4w LED tape was used around the front bar and DJ booth to give a wash effect. Instyle LED’s high-powered 1 watt optic strips were used all around the edge of the club and behind the seating to give a powerful wall wash. The tight angled beam washes the wall from top to bottom to give an unbelievable effect.

Nightclub Area

Both internal and external LED lights are connected to a PC-based DMX desk. This system gives the owner full control of all the lights to create stunning effects, colour scrolls, static colours, strobing, and can really set the mood to the feel of the night.

The customer was ecstatic with the results of Instyle’s LED lighting. They provided exactly the look that the customer wanted and really set the mood of the club, and helped bring it to ‘life’. Another benefit is that the LEDs are a fit-and-forget maintenance-free product – so there is no need to keep changing / repairing the lights (as there would be with other lighting products, so they save on support costs). Combined with the low running cost, LED lighting was the only sensible choice for Sence!