Contemporary Kitchen using dotless RGBW LEDs

Project Description

This beautiful, spacious kitchen interior is enhanced by a simple yet brilliantly effective lighting design by InStyle LED. Expansive walls and surfaces decorated in a crisp, clean white make an ideal backdrop for the endless lighting possibilities of smooth no-dot RGBW LEDs.

Unlike traditional LED strips, which use surface-mounted diodes, InStyle’s ‘no-dot’ LEDs use chip-on-board (COB) technology in conjunction with new silicone coating techniques.

This lets us mount the LEDs on our 18-watt no dot RGBW LED strips much closer together – which means you’ll always see incredibly smooth linear lighting, with no sign of gaps or unsightly ‘dotting’.

This wide-angle shot, showing the RGBW strips set to a cool white-light mix, displays the kitchen’s stunning design to fine effect.

Flush LED profiles give your installation a sleek finish

When it comes to lighting installation, a professional finish really matters. That’s why these ceiling LEDs are mounted in lengths of aluminium profiling (also called ‘LED extrusions’), specifically manufactured for the purpose. The design of these profiles allows your LEDs to sit flush with the surrounding surface – in this case, the ceiling. Once they’re fitted, the profiles’ perforated flanges can be plastered over to achieve a smooth finish.

Flush LED profiles produce attractive inset lighting that’s clearly superior to the results achieved by simply fitting LEDs to a wall or other surface. The images here show the results to lovely effect.

(Also note the perimeter LEDs, tucked away in the ceiling’s coving, that provide additional complementary lighting. The roof lantern lights are another effective and well-chosen feature of this project.)

Phenomenal lighting control – right at your fingertips

InStyle’s 18W no dot RGBW LEDs give your room plenty of light for day-to-day living – and also put the option to create phenomenal ambiences at the tip of your fingers!

The LEDs in this kitchen are split across multiple lighting areas, or ‘zones’, which can be synchronised together or controlled independently of each other. Each zone offers a near-infinite colour palette, controlled simply and efficiently via a choice of either handy handheld remote, or wireless wall-mounted controller with an attractive glass-faced finish.

This gallery gives a hint of the variety of colours and ambiences that are available from our top-flight RGBW LEDs. Note the varied shadings around the kitchen’s island plinth and coving, and also the TV halo-lighting installation that you can see in the reflected living room area.

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Plaster-In Profile Split View