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150 Watt Mean Well

  • 150-watt internal 12V LED transformer / 24V LED transformer
  • Watts: 150W
    Output Voltage: 12V or 24V

200 Watt Mean Well

  • 200 Watt Mean Well Transformer for LED Strip Lights
  • Watts: 200W
    Output Voltage: 12V or 24V 

320 Watt Mean Well

  • 320 Watt Mean Well Transformer for LED Strip Lights
  • Watts: 320W
    Output Voltage: 12V or 24V

500 Watt Mean Well

  • 500-watt internal 24V LED transformer
  • Watts: 500W
    Output Voltage:

30 Watt

  • 30w-Transformer-small
  • Watts: 30W
    Output Voltage: 12V or 24V 

60 Watt

  • 60w-Transformer-small
  • Watts: 60W
    Output Voltage: 12V or 24V 

80 Watt

  • 80-watt internal LED transformer
  • Watts: 80W
    Output Voltage: 12V or 24V 

Driver Enclosure

  • Enclosure for LED strip transformer
  • Use with these transformers: 150W, 200W or 320W

Internal LED Transformers

InStyle’s internal LED power supplies are commercial grade, using premium components and diodes. They’re perfect for most indoor installations. (If you’re working on a bathroom or an exterior project, check out our waterproof IP67-certified transformers.)

We stock branded Meanwell drivers, as well as a full range of InPower LED transformers. Why not give us a call on 0116 2799 083, and we’ll discuss the right power supply for your project. All of our LED transformers are ideal for use with any InStyle LED tape and LED strip light in our range.

For more information on why to buy high quality transformers please click here.