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LED Tape Accessories – essential add-ons for your project2018-04-19T12:42:50+00:00

Terminal-Block Connectors

  • Spring-Cage Terminal-Block Connectors for LED tapes

DC Push Connectors (pair)

  • DC Push Connectors for LED tapes

Gel-Fill Crimp Connectors

  • Gel Crimp Connectors for LED tapes

Power cables for LED strip lights

  • LED strip light cables

200W TRIAC Rotary Dimmer (Aurora)

  • Aurora rotary dimmer for LEDs (TRIAC-compatible)

400W TRIAC Rotary Dimmer (chrome)

  • TRIAC-compatible LED rotary dimmer (polished chrome finish)

Heat Shrink IP67 Coating

  • Heat Shrink IP67 Coating

Strong Foam Backing Tape

  • Foam Backing Tape

Inline LED Keypad Dimmer

  • Inline keypad dimmer for LEDs

Tape to Tape Connectors

  • Tape to Tape Clips

Starter Lead Connectors

  • Tape to Cable Clips

Flexible Link Connectors

  • Flexible LED Tape Clips

Essential Accessories for your LED tape projects

All the essentials you’ll need to complete your LED installation – from tape and cable connectors, to extra-strength adhesive tape backing and waterproof heatshrink seals.

If your LED strips were not ordered pre-cut to length and you need to connect them on the fly, we have handy tape-to-tape connectors (as well as starter-lead connectors and flexible links for corner installations).

For very simple LED dimming, our inline keypad dimmer could be just the job. Or maybe you’re planning to manage your single-colour LEDs using a TRIAC power supply – if so, we can supply a compatible Aurora rotary dimmer.

To protect against moisture, we can heatshrink and glue-seal your LED strips to IP65 or IP67 ratings. But if you prefer to add protection yourself, then we’ve got on-the-roll heatshrink you can fit. And we can also supply extra-strong adhesive backing for your LEDs – highly recommended if you’re fitting them to a vertical surface (walls) or a ceiling.

Finally, we have the electrical cable your projects needs – 2-core, 4-core and 5-core power cables are available. And we have a range of terminal block, push-on and gel-crimp connectors to make wiring easy.