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White LED Tape Lights (5W to 24W)

  • 4.8w warm white LED tape
  • All Whites AvailableKelvin colour chart for white LED strip lights
  • 9.6w 3528 Cool white LED light strips used in a bookshelf

Single Colour LED Tapes

  • Colour LED strip lights
  • Other colours available LED strip lighting colour-chart
  • 4.8w 3528 blue LED tape lights used around a bar

RGB / RGBW LEDs (Full Control Control)

  • 9.8w 12v RGBW LED strip lights
  • Output any colour RGB strip lighting colour-chart
  • Conservatory, jacuzzi & kitchen - multizone RGBW LED project

Specialist LED Tapes (incl. CCT & UV)

  • Other LED tapes - UV (blacklight) LED tape

LED Tape Accessories

  • LED tape accessories - connectors, cables, adhesive backing and more

What is LED tape?

LED tapes are an extremely versatile light source that will let you create new worlds of new lighting possibilities. Very easy to install and connect, LED lighting can be fitted pretty much anywhere.

Sometimes also known as LED strip lights, LED ribbons and LED flex, each metre of LED tape has dozens of light-emitting diodes mounted serially (in a line) on a strong, flexible printed-circuit board (PCB). When illuminated, a well-designed LED installation will give any location or surface a smooth, gorgeous glow.

InStyle are a leading UK provider of LED supplies, so you can order your strip lights from us with confidence. Because we’re lighting specialists, we will supply everything your LED project or installation needs, including drivers/transformers, dimmers & controllers, LED extrusions, and accessories – all manufactured to commercial-grade as standard! We’ll also cut your LED strips to length, solder starter-leads and connections and even waterproof them if required. That sets us apart from non-specialist sellers of cheap throwaway LED strips (like eBay and Amazon).

All of our LED supplies run at low wattage, with a lifespan of 10 years or even more. So you get economical running costs, with virtually no need for maintenance.

Even better, InStyle offers great technical support and installation tips for all your LED projects. Why not check out the how-to guides on our support page and our what-where pages (detailing specific LED projects/applications), or simply give us a call? You’ll get lots of useful advice and answers to your LED  questions.

No limits

Our LED strip lights are available in a wide choice of brightness levels. And they’re flexible enough to fit any space, so there’s no limit to the applications and projects you can use them for.

LED strips are perfect for signage, restaurants, hotels, bars, LED tape for cars, and for your home. And you can get all of our strip lights in IP65 (splashproof) or fully waterproof versions, so they’re ideal for both inside and outside LED lights.

We offer a wide variety of LED tape colours – from warm whites to pure white, and red, green, amber or blue LED light strips. Or choose our RGB or RGBW (colour changing) LED strip lights, which will let you mix any shade you want when linked with a controller.

LED strip lights are very easy to install, because they’re supplied with 3M self-adhesive under a protective backing. Simply peel and stick!

You can shop online or buy LED strip lights today by calling 0116 2799083.

Colour-change (RGBW) LEDs light this swimming pool

A wide range of LED tape projects

LED lights can be installed almost anywhere, and flexible LED tape is especially versatile.

It can be used in a wide variety of settings (commercial and domestic) and applications – from hotels, clubs, bars, restaurants to kitchen LED strip lights and bathroom LED lights in the home. They’re great for covings, plinths, signage, ‘working light’ and more.

And if you’re looking for a simple way to install lights under your kitchen cabinets or install cupboard lights (which can often be too small and too difficult to access for other types of lighting), then LED tape is the best solution.

We supply outside LED lights too (IP67-rated)!

Here is a video showing you just a handful of installations using InStyle’s LED strip lights.

LED strip lights - video

What is ‘colour-changing’ LED tape?

Colour-change LEDs let you create any shade of light you choose, by mixing multiple colours from a single LED.

  • The original colour-change lighting, known as ‘RGB LED tape’, housed three separate light-emitting chips within each diode – one red, one green and one blue. This combination enabled the user to control the mix of the three primary colours in order to produce any shade of light, any time. (Including white light, when the three colours were equally mixed.)
  • The addition of a fourth white light-emitting chip led to the introduction of more advanced ‘RGBW LED tape’. This opened up the ability to create pastel colours by adding some white light to the three primaries, as well as enabling a warmer white to be created without mixing.
  • Most recently, we’ve seen the arrival of ‘dual-white (CCT) LEDs’, which combine a cool-white and warm-white chip to enable the creation and control of a huge palette of white light tints and shades.

A few people still imagine that colour-changing LED tape can’t do anything but change colours constantly. This isn’t true at all: your LEDs will stay on one setting until you choose to change them again. With colour-change LEDs, you’re in complete control… simply set your perfect lighting, and then sit back and chill!

The way you’ll control your LED strip lights will depend on the type of LED controller you’ve chosen. Every one of InStyle’s LED tape controllers offers a full colour palette, and will also let you select a static colour option for your LED strip lights if you prefer.

How bright should my LED strip lighting be?

LED tape is available in a choice of wattages. Each gives a different level of light output, to suit your project’s needs.

The wattage drawn by a strip of LED tape is measured by the metre. So when buying your LED strip lights, you should always compare by calculating total wattage (wattage per metre, multiplied by the number of metres) and total lumens (lumen output per metre, multiplied by the number of metres). Don’t simply compare the number of diodes on each metre of LED tape!

InStyle offer LED tape wattages ranging from 5W per metre to 24W per metre.

LED tape brightness by wattage

  • Our 5-watt LED tape lights are our best-selling product. They draw the lowest wattage in our range, but that doesn’t mean they are not powerful. On the contrary, these LED strip lights are very bright compared to many LED lighting products. 5W LED tapes are ideal for feature lighting – great for highlighting areas such as covings, TVs and media panels, bathroom mirrors, kitchen LED strip lights, outside LED lights etc.
  • 10-watt LED tape lights are very suitable for feature lighting, especially in locations with a lot of ambient light (daylight). 10W LED tapes are also perfect for highlighting areas, for creating halo effects, and for signage etc.IP Rated waterproof - for bathroom LED strip lights, outside LED strip lights etc
  • InStyle’s12W and 20W per metre versions are ideal for LED tape ‘working light’. They’re perfect for areas with a lot of ambient light (such as outside LED lights). Our 12W LED strip lights and 20W LED strip lights are fantastic for lighting locations such as front bars, back bars, or desk fronts, and can be used to provide ‘working light’ under kitchen cabinets etc. We can also supply you with an optic extrusion so your LED strip light can ‘throw the light further’. When combined with 12W / 20W LED tapes, this will create a good wall-washer effect – perfect for exterior LED strip lights.
  • 24-watt LED tape is more than 6 times brighter than standard 5W per metre LED tape. So it’s a great choice for full-strength general lighting or as ‘working light’. 24W LED tape also makes a good replacement for fluorescent tubes. Or why not use it in applications such as under-cabinet lighting, signage, bars, restaurants and more?

How wide are LED tapes?

InStyle’s LED strip lights are mounted on a variety of high-quality PCBs (printed circuit boards), in order to provide the LEDs with the right heat dispersal for their power and brightness.

Our narrowest LED tape PCBs are 8mm wide by 3mm in depth. Our widest PCBs are 12mm wide and 3mm deep.

How long are InStyle’s LED tape reels?

Our LED strip lights are manufactured and supplied on 5-metre reels as standard. But with InStyle, you’ll get personal service to make your installation project go smoothly – so if you know your project’s measurements, we will cut/solder your LED tape order to the exact length (or lengths) that you need.

If you only require 1.75 metres, for example, then you can buy LED strip lights of exactly that length… so you won’t have to discard 3.25 metres of a standard 5-metre reel.

(Note that cut-point spacing varies for different LED tape products. Depending on the type of LED tape you choose, cut-points are positioned at 25mm, 50mm, 100mm, or 166mm intervals. See the specifications on each product’s webpage for details.)

Typically we don’t supply LED tape in runs longer than 6.5m. This is because such lengths produce a voltage-drop towards their end (this is because an LED strip’s PCB cannot maintain a constant current over that length). In other words, your LED tape would appear less bright towards the end of any strip more than 6.5 metres in length.

For a guide to installing LED strip lighting in projects than require runs longer than 5 metres, see our support page on how to install large projects.

Do you supply extrusions (aka profiles) for LED strip lights?

Yes we do.

InStyle have a wide range of aluminium extrusions (LED profiles) in stock. By using extrusions, you can improve the look of unconcealed LED strip lights, giving them a more professional finish. Extrusions also provide extra protection for LED lights installed outdoors or in locations where moisture may be an issue.

All of InStyle’s LED tape products can be mounted in our LED strip light extrusions. Our extrusion range includes everything from corner LED profiles, to frosted extrusions specifically designed for stair-treads, risers and skirting-boards, to optic lens extrusions that will throw your LEDs’ light further.

4.8w LED light strips in a tube surface aluminium extrusion profile

Our LED extrusions are available in 1m and 2m lengths. You can cut them to length simply, using a hacksaw. For more about our LED strip lighting extrusion range see here.

Can I cut LED strip lights myself?

Yes you can! If you don’t want us to cut your LED strips to length, then we’ll send your order on 5-metre reels and you can cut them yourself. Simply use a pair of scissors to cut your strip lights at the printed cut points. Do make sure that the power is disconnected before you cut!

Cutting RGB LED strip lights

Cut points are spaced at 25mm / 50mm / 100mm / 166mm intervals, depending on which type of LED strip you are using. You can tell where your LED strip lighting cut points are by the lines on the tape’s PCB, which you’ll find between the solder pads. (Single-colour LED tapes have 4 solder pads, RGB tapes have 8 pads, and RGBW tapes have 10 pads.)

Once you’ve made your cut, you don’t need to do anything else. (There is no need to terminate the PCB circuit.)

(N.B. Note that if you cut waterproof LED strip lights, you’ll compromise the light tape’s heatshrink seal. For outside LED lights, you’ll need to reseal the end with a glue-gun. Or why not ask us to pre-cut your waterproof LED strip lights to the length you need when you order – and we’ll handle all the heatshrinking and glued ends for you.)

What LED tape light colours are available?

LED strip lights are available in a range of colours. Choose from red, green, blue, amber, warm white or pure white, RGB / RGBW colour-change LED strip lighting, or specialised LED tapes for specific projects/applications (including UV LEDs and dual-white CCT LEDs that can mix a range of white-light shades).

Each type of LED strip is available in a range of wattage options (brightness). Please see the product links at the top of this page for more details.

White-light LEDs are produced in a choice of standard colour shades or tones. The shade of white is measured by the colour temperature scale, rated in Kelvins (K). Lower Kelvin values produce a warmer light, and higher Kelvin values produce a cooler light.

White kelvin colour temperature chart for LED strip lighting

InStyle always carries a variety of white shades in stock. And if your project needs a non-standard colour, then we can probably manufacture it for you.

Is LED tape easy to install?

Yes, LED strip lights are very easy to install and connect. And don’t forget that InStyle offer a cutting and soldering service when you place your order, so you can have your LED supplies delivered pre-cut to the exact lengths you require. If you need them, we’ll even solder in link-cables to go round corners, and starter-leads that connect to your transformer.

Connecting your LED tape is straightforward too. We’ve got helpful wiring information on our ‘how to connect LEDs’ support page.

Where to fit your LED strips for plinths and kickboards

And our ‘positioning LED strips’ page has plenty of advice on the best way to fit your striplighting in covings and drop-ceilings, under cabinets, on kitchen plinths and bookshelves, and other locations.

One question that we are often asked is, ‘can I wire more than one LED tape length back to a single transformer?‘ The answer is, yes you can! Many LED drivers are supplied with multiple power cables, which you can connect or leave unconnected as you choose. If your driver only has one power cable, then you can wire multiple LED strips to it by simply connecting two cables together using a screw-in connector block (available from any electrical wholesaler).

Do you supply a waterproof version of your flexible LED strip lights?

Depending on the protection your project requires, we’ll supply your LED tapes in a choice of three versions. You can choose our standard non-waterproof type, our coated IP65 LED strip lighting, or our fully-sealed IP67 waterproof LED strip lights.

  • IP65-rated LED strips have a heatshrink coating that offers clear advantages over older resin coatings. It won’t discolour over time or go brittle in the cold, and it allows easy cutting and soldering if required.
  • For our IP67 version we start with the same heatshrink coating. Then we fully glue-seal the ends of each LED strip as well, for maximum protection.

An IP67 rating indicates that your LED lighting strip is waterproof. This means it’s perfect for applications that will come into contact with damp and moisture – for example, splashproof LED strip lights in the kitchen, bathroom LED lights etc. And IP67 strips can also be fitted outdoors, which makes them ideal for garden lights and signage.

Wattage range per metre for your LED strip lights

Please note that you should not fit waterproof LED strip lights in any location where they will be permanently submerged. (Outside LED lights in a pond, for example.)

What’s the difference between 3528 SMDs & 5050 SMDs (the diodes used on LED light tape)?

If you’ve ever had discussions about LEDs, then you may have come across the terms ‘3528 SMD’ and ‘5050 SMD’. They are the two types of LED chip most commonly used in LED strip lighting. One SMD (surface mounted diode) isn’t better than another; the right LED your you depends on the application that you intend to use it for.

  • LED strips designated ‘3528’ are so-called because their diodes are 3.5mm x 2.8mm; in the same way, 5050 SMDs are 5mm x 5mm in size.
  • 5050 SMD LED strip lights output more light than 3528 SMDs – they’re about 3x brighter, and therefore pull 3x more power.

InStyle’s 3528 LED tape SMDs are typically used for feature lighting in coving or plinths (both inside and outside LED lights). Our 5W, 10W and 20W white LED strips all use 3528 chips.

By contrast, LED lighting strips mounted with 5050 SMDs are typically installed in projects/locations where brighter, stronger light is needed – such as kitchen ‘working light’ strips under cabinets, or nightclub lighting. Check out the specs for our RGB and RGBW LED tapes to see some examples.

See our support article comparing a range of different LED SMDs here.

LED lighting strips - 3528 chip and 5050 chip

Do you offer a warranty on your LED strip lights?

Yes we do. InStyle’s LED strip lighting, like all of our other products, is supplied with a 2-year warranty.

For more details, see our warranty support page.

Is LED strip lighting dimmable?

Yes, there are several methods you can use to dim any product in our flexible LED strip light range.

Compatible brands - ideal for use with our LED lighting strips

  • Alternatively you can order one of our high-powered receivers when you buy LED lights. These include 0-10v, DMX and DALI units. All of our LED tape light dimmers are commercial grade products, offering smooth 0-100% dimming. And they also work with leading-brand control systems.

How long will delivery of my LED strip lights take?

All of our LED tape products are in stock and ready for next-day delivery.

Depending on the time your order is placed, delivery may sometimes take slightly longer. And the amount of cutting and soldering your LED lighting strips require may also affect your delivery date.

Our sales reps can tell you when your delivery will arrive, so please ask when you buy your LED lights or any other products.

For more delivery information please see here.

Next-day delivery on LED strip lights and other products

How do I fit my LED strip lights into position?

All of InStyle’s LED tape light products are supplied with 3M self-adhesive backing attached. Simply peel off the backing’s protective layer and you can quickly and easily fit your LED strips into place.

Follow these simple steps:

  • Begin by cleaning the surface.
  • Once the surface is clean, wipe it completely dry.
  • Then peel off the 3M self-adhesive backing’s protective cover, and press it into place. Try to avoid placing pressure on the resistors with your fingers.

If you are fitting waterproof LED tape, you’ll find that InStyle’s IP-rated waterproof strip light products have exactly the same 3M self-adhesive backing. In most circumstances, this will be enough to keep the LED tape in place. However, should you need them, we can also supply extra-strength adhesive backing and screw-in fixing clips that will hold your LEDs in position even more securely. (These clips can be especially useful when installing exterior LED strip lights, or LED strips in other locations where moisture may be an issue.)

LED light strips come with 3m self-adhesive tape on the back for quick and easy installation

You’ll find more useful tips on our LED installation page. Or why not see our support section for advice on the best way to position your LED strips for plinth lighting, drop ceilings, coving and under-cabinet working lights.

Are there different grades of LED strip lights?

LEDs are manufactured to many different grades and specifications. Here at InStyle, we mainly supply commercial-grade LED strip lights. This is because these products are built to last, highly reliable, colour consistent and the brightest LEDs on the market.

If you prefer, we can also offer cheap LED lights, manufactured to a domestic grade. The exhibition and display market is the main user of these lower quality LED strip lights. This is because exhibitors often require cheap LED lights as a short-term throwaway product.

See our detailed explanation of the benefits of commercial-grade LED supplies here.

premium brands using InStyle LED lighting strip

Can I connect lengths of LED tape light together without soldering?

For our standard (non-waterproof) LED strip lights, we offer three types of clip-on connectors.

  1. The first is a tape-to-tape connector, which is used to join lengths of LED strip together without the need for soldering.
  2. The second connector that we offer is a flexible-link connector. If you are installing LED tape around corners or need to avoid other obstructions, flexible-link connectors are ideal.
  3. Lastly, we offer a tape-to-starter-lead connector. This connector clips onto the cut end of an LED strip light, to give an easily extendable starter-lead cable that you can connect to your transformer or controller.

Please follow these links for full instructions and an instruction video.

LED strip light tape-to-tape connector (open)

Clip-on connectors are not suitable if you are using either an IP65 LED strip (splashproof) or IP67 (waterproof) LED strip for your outside LED lights. (This is because they will pierce the strip’s heatshrink coating.)

How flexible are LED strip lights?

LED light tape is very flexible indeed. This means it’s ideal for use in a wide variety of applications – including signage.

And the heatshrink used to seal and protect our waterproof LED tape is just as flexible as InStyle’s standard strip lighting. Even with full heatshrink coating, you’ll be able to bend and twist your LED tapes to the shapes you need.

To learn more, see our support page.

Have reputable brands used your LED strip lighting products?

They certainly have! InStyle has been a leading UK manufacturer / supplier of LED strip lights and other lighting products for more than 15 years. In that time, we have built a reputation for quality and reliability.

That’s why so many customers buy LED tape lights from us regularly. Including big-name premium brands:

satisfied customers using our LED strip lights

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Good advice

good support. Project used RGBW plus white LED strips across four lighting areas. All controlled independently. instyle adviced the right controllers and transfrmers.

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Quality products and service

Look no further if you are searching for a high quality led tape with strong colours and high brightness. I have tried many different tapes and can confirm that it is a durable well manufactured commercial grade. Also a pleasant company to deal with offering measured useful advice.

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I can highly recommend this company and delivery was correct and quick! After sales service/advice was very helpful indeed. No problems

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Very high quality. It shows in the brightness and the thickness of the PCB. It also has very good solder joints

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We have switched to InStyle LED for all of their products due to stock and quality issues with an alternative supplier. The past 7 months the service has been good and the products seem fine

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Our company have used InStyle's products because of the colour consistency. This is a major factor when we are installing in large rooms and throughout buildings.

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Commercial grade

I have used various LED suppliers over the years and InStyle represent the best value for money. They are competitively priced yet their product is far better than any other Tapes I have used. The PCB boards are thicker and the LED's are brighter. They do not cut corners on quality

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Quality product and reliable

I have been using InStyle's Products now for the past 2 years and have tried many other suppliers along the way. InStyle's products are top quality and reliable, which is a must for me as once the LED Tape lighting is installed I cannot afford to be going back to the site.

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Always in stock

I can always call up on the day and get my order delivered the very next day

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Good Technical advice

I have done a few projects using InStyles Tape range and have great technical advice from start to finish. Especially when I was using the RGB version and a DMX system

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You have to pay a little more for InStyle's Tape but all in all in is worth it. I have ordered from eBay before and the quality was awful!