Project Description

La Perla restaurant is a beautiful Spanish restaurant and tapas bar located in Bath. Set in the basement of an old three-storey building, the room has curved ceilings that give a wonderful look. You can really feel quality of the restaurant throughout and there has been no expense spared.

Instyle LED were called upon to supply the LED lighting to bring atmosphere and mood to the restaurant. The owner wanted the LED lights to be easily controlled be any staff member by a remote control. He wanted LED strip lighting above and below both sides of the seating areas. We had just the solution.

Installation & control

The transformer and the controller receiver were mounted behind the bar. The leads from the four LED strips were extended with 4-core 1.5mm cable and all wired into the controller receiver. The handheld remote control is a radio remote meaning the receiver does not need to be line of site with the control. The remote controller will work up to 15m away from the receiver and has a simple colour wheel to select any shade of any colour. The customer was extremely happy with the remote system as any of his staff can use it without any training with great features from colour-change scroll effects to dimming to static colours.

Overall the customer was extremely happy with the results as it really makes the restaurant giving it atmosphere and mood.