7.5W RGB LED Strips

  • 7.5w RGB LED strip
  • Output any colour RGB LED light strip chart
  • Watts: 7.2W per metre
    Lumens: Up to 500 lm/metre
    LED: 30 x 5050 SMD Commercial
    Voltage: 12V LED strip lights (24V also available)
    Application: Feature Lighting
  • 7.5 Watt RGB LED strip restaurant effect shot

15W RGB LED Strips

  • 15w RGB LED strip
  • Output any colour RGB LED light strip chart
  • Watts: 14.4W per metre
    Lumens: Up to 1000 lm per metre
    LED: 60 x 5050 SMD Commercial
    Voltage: 24V
    Application: Feature Lighting
  • 15 Watt RGB LED strip effect shot

10W RGBW LED Strips

  • 10-watt RGBW LED light strip
  • Output any colour RGB LED light strip chart
  • Watts: 9.6W per Metre
    Lumens: Up to 720 lm per metre
    LED: 30 SMDs per metre (Pure White or Warm White)
    Voltage: 12V
    Application: Feature Lighting
  • RGBW LED strip comparison

20W RGBW LED Strips

  • 20-watt RGBW LED light strip
  • Output any colour RGB LED light strip chart
  • Watts: 19.2W per Metre
    Lumens: Up to 1440 lm per metre
    LED: 60 SMDs per metre (Pure White or Warm White)
    Voltage: 24V
    Application: Feature Lighting

RGB / RGBW LEDs – InStyle’s colour-changing LED strip light range

Instyle’s RGB LED strips are a thin and flexible PCB lighting source that can be cut to the exact lengths your project requires. With either 30 or 60 high-brightness LEDs per metre, our colour changing LED strips (sometimes known as multicolour LED tape, RGBW LED tape or colour changing LED strip lights) give surfaces a smooth and eye-catching effect when illuminated – making them ideal for a vast range of applications.

We supply 3-colour RGB LED strips in a choice two brightness levels:

…Or for even better colour mixing and control, we also offer 4-colour RGBW LED strips, which have an extra dedicated white-light diode in every LED:

InStyle’s RGB LED strip light products are all commercial grade, using premium components and branded diodes – and if you’re working on a bathroom or an exterior project, we also offer a range of waterproof (IP67 certified) LED strips.

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What lengths are your LED light strips supplied in?

RGB / RGBW LED strip lights are supplied as standard in the following choice of reels:

7.5W 12v RGB LED strip lights (commercial grade):5m reel
7.5W 24v RGB LED strip lights (commercial grade):10m reel
15W 24v RGB LED strip lights (commercial grade):5m reel
10W 12v RGBW LED strip lights (commercial grade):5m reel
20W 24v RGBW LED strip lights (commercial grade):5m reel


You can request your RGB and RGBW LED strips to be pre-cut to the nearest cut-points and supplied in specific lengths when you place your order. LED strip lights can even be supplied with pre-soldered starter-leads and linking cables, to go around corners or objects etc.

You can also purchase both RGBW and RGB LED strips on standard reels (5m / 10m), and then cut your strip lights to the lengths you require yourself by using solderless connectors, with no need for soldering.

14.4 Watt 5050 SMD - RGB LED strip on a reel, lit up green


How big is an RGB LED strip?

7.5W RGB 12v colour changing LED strip lights (commercial grade):10mm wide x 3mm high
7.5W RGB 24v colour changing LED strip lights (commercial grade):10mm wide x 3mm high
15W RGB 24v colour changing LED strip lights (commercial grade):12mm wide x 3mm high
10W RGBW 12v colour changing LED strip lights (commercial grade):10mm wide x 3mm high
20W RGBW 24v colour changing LED strip lights (commercial grade):12mm wide x 3mm high

Add approx. 0.5mm to height and width for IP-rated RGB LED strip lights (they use a very thin heatshrink coating)

How do I position and attach my RGB / RGBW LED strip lights?

All of our colour-changing RGB(W) LED strips are supplied with 3M self adhesive tape on the back. Simply clean the wall or other surface where your LEDs are to be fitted, then peel and stick your colour changing LED strips into place.

NB: When pushing down on your RGB LED tape, be careful to press on the PCB rather than the resistors or LEDs.

Please see our blog to find out more about mounting and installing RGB LED strip lights. And to learn more about the best positions to fit your LED strips, see our support article on drop ceilings, cabinets and other tricky locations.

Colour changing LED strips are supplied with 3M self-adhesive backing for easy installation


Are RGB and RGBW LED strips flexible?

Yes, our RGB / RGBW LED strip lights are all extremely flexible – making them ideal for installation in a wide variety of projects and applications.

And our waterproof RGB / RGBW strips are just as flexible, because they are protected with very thin heatshrink coating.

Standard RGB LED Tape

Must I order my RGB / RGBW LED strips pre-cut, or can I cut them myself?

Yes, you can cut your RGBW and RGB LED strips yourself.

Using normal scissors, simply cut along any of the designated cut-points (they’re typically marked with a small scissor icon along the cutting line). Please make sure your RGBW or RGB strip is powered off before cutting!

Each type of LED strip light has different cut-points, they are as follows:

7.5W RGB 12v LED light strip cut-points:Every 100mm
7.5W RGB 24v LED light strip cut-points:Every 166mm
15W RGB 24v LED light strip cut-points:Every 100mm
10W RGBW 12v LED light strip cut-points:Every 100mm
20W RGBW 24v LED light strip cut-points:Every 100mm

Cutting LED light tape

Can I connect my RGB / RGBW LED strip lights without soldering?

We offer three types of solderless connectors for our RGB / RGBW LED strips, to meet a variety of installation requirements:

Our support guide to LED strip connectors explains more about about choosing and using all three. Why not take a look?

LED tape to LED tape connector closed (12V LED strip lights)

LED tape to start-lead connector closed (12V LED strip lights)


How bright should my RGBW or RGB LED lights be?

Our multicolour (RGB / RGBW) LED strips are available in four wattage/voltage versions, each of which will give you a different level of brightness. All four use the same branded 5050 SMDs.

  • InStyle’s standard 7.5W RGB strips have 30 LEDs per metre, and are ideal for use as feature lighting. This 12v LED strip light is perfect in covings, back bars, plinth lighting and anywhere to create mood lighting. (We can also offer a 24-volt variant on request.)
  • With 30 LEDs per metre, each with four coloured chips – red/green/blue/white – our 10W RGBW LED strip lights will mix any shade of the spectrum… and they also offer perfect white light from dedicated LEDs.
  • The more powerful 15W RGB LED strip has 60 LEDs per metre, and is intended for areas where there is a high level of background or ambient lighting. These RGB LED strips are ideal to wash front bars or for high-powered mood lighting, and can even be installed inside our optic extrusion profiles to create a wall wash effect.
  • InStyle’s 20W RGBW LED strip is our brightest colour-changing LED light – able to produce a massive 1330 lumens per metre when all four colours are at full brightness.

We have a support page that explains how to select the right LED brightness for your room or other location. Why not check it out before placing your order?

7.2 Watt 5050 SMD RGB LED strips lit up purple in a restaurant

Colour changing RGB LED strip lights in Sence bar, Birmingham

Do you supply waterproof LED strip lights?

Yes we do. All of our RGB and RGBW LED strip lights are available in three versions. When placing your order, you can choose from:

  1. a standard non waterproof type,
  2. an IP65 coated type, or
  3. an IP67 waterproof type.

The waterproof options allow you to fit your colour-changing RGB / RGBW LED strips in places where resistance to water is required (for example, the kitchen, bathrooms etc). They can also be fitted externally, making them ideal for signage.

Our IP65 LED strips are wrapped in specialised heatshrink coating, which has may advantages over traditional resin coverings. It does not discolour over time, cold doesn’t make it become brittle, and it’s very easy to cut and solder.

For our IP67 RGB and RGBW LED strip lights, we use the same heatshrink coating but we fully glue seal the ends as well. IP67 rating means your strip lights are fully waterproof, but please be aware they should not be fitted in any location where they will be permanently submerged (for example in a pond).


IP Rated LED light tape


What light colours can RGB / RGBW LED strips produce?

The answer to this question depends on the type of LED controller that you are using.

  • In general terms, your RGB strip has the ability to produce any colour by simply mixing the three primary colours – red, green and blue.
  • RGBW LED strips offer even great flexibility, with the option to also add dedicated white light to the mix; this opens up an even bigger palette of colour tints and pastel shades.

If you want to set your colour-changing LEDs to produce white light, you can do this with either RGB or RGBW strip lights.

  • RGBW LEDs are manufactured with this requirement in mind, so they offer the best and easiest solution: each RGBW LED has a fourth colour chip (choose either warm white or pure white), which you can set to produce white light without the need to do any colour mixing.
  • RGB LED strip lights can produce a perfect pure white by mixing their three colours equally. If you prefer warmer white shades, though, you’ll probably find RGBW LED strips to be a better alternative.

Colour mixing


Is a colour changing LED light strip easy to install?

Yes it is. All of our RGBW and RGB LED strip lights can be very easily installed by any electrician. InStyle can supply your RGBW and RGB LED strips pre-cut and pre-soldered to your specific requirements – and we’ll even solder on extra starter-lead cables and linking cables (to go around corners or objects) for you.


Can InStyle supply aluminium extrusions for LED strip lights?

Yes, InStyle offer a range of LED strip light extrusions (sometimes known as LED profiles) to house your RGB / RGBW LED strip lights in.

There are a variety of different LED extrusions that can be used in conjunction with any of our RGB and RGBW LED strips. Our range includes:

Our LED extrusions are available in 1m and 2m lengths, and can be simply cut to length using a hack saw. To see our complete LED extrusion range see here.

4.8w LED Tape in Tube aluminium extrusion profile


Are RGB and RGBW strips manufactured to different grades / quality levels?

Yes there are many different grades of LED strip available. At InStyle, we mainly supply commercial-grade RGB / RGBW LED strips. This grade of strip light is highly reliable, built to last, colour consistent, and is the brightest on the market.

If requested, we can also supply our customers with domestic-grade LED strips. These are a cheaper LED product, of lower quality, that is most often used by by the exhibition market when they require low-cost throwaway lighting for short-term installations. See our detailed explanation of the benefits of commercial grade here.premium-brands

Do you offer a warranty on your colour changing LED strip lights?

Yes, InStyle’s RGB / RGBW LED strip lighting products all come with a 2-year warranty. Full details are on our warranty support page.

How long does delivery take for my LED strip lights?

Like all of our LED strip light range, we have your RGB / RGBW LED tape in stock for next day delivery.

Delivery may take slightly longer, depending on the amount of cutting and soldering required and the time the order is placed. Our sales reps can advise you of the approximate delivery time when you speak to them over the phone.

For more delivery information please see here.



Have reputable brands used your colour changing LED strip lights?

Yes they have. InStyle LED has been a UK manufacturer and supplier of LED strip light products for the past 10 years, and we have built a strong reputation based on quality and reliability. That’s why so many customers keep coming back to us, including premium brands.


Can I see some photos of RGB and RGBW LED strip-lighting projects?

Yes you can. Simply click on the type of RGB / RGBW LED strip that you are looking for at the top of this page and you’ll find project images for each type.

(Choose 7.5-watt 12V RGB LED strip lights or 10-watt 12V RGBW LED strip lights for feature lighting; choose 15-watt 24V RGB strips or 20-watt 24V RGBW LED strips for ‘task’ lighting.)

Alternatively, why not visit our gallery of colour changing RGB and RGBW LED strip-lighting projects?

Luxury Barn Wedding Venue

Luxury Barn Wedding Venue


Headline Studios lit by LED strip lighting

Bar bottles lit by blue LEDs


Please note there are many different suppliers of LED Tape, each selling different grades and quality.
InStyle LED Tape is designed for commercial use and is made using the highest quality components.


Products7.5 Watt RGB LED Tape15 Watt RGB LED Tape
LED Wattage:7.5 Watts per metre14.4 Watts per metre
Voltage:12 Volts or 24 Volts24 Volts
Colours:Can change to any colour instantlyCan change to any colour instantly
IP RatingIP54 No Coating or
IP67 Heat shrink Coating
IP54 No Coating or
IP67 Heat shrink Coating
LED Chip5050 SMD5050 SMD
No. of LED's:30 LEDs per Metre60 LEDs per Metre
Lumens:Up to 500lm per metreUp to 1000lm per metre
Reel Lenghts5 Meters(12v) or 10 Meters(24v)5 Meters
Tape width:12mm12mm
Tape Height5mm5mm
LED Life50,000 Hours
(Over 10 years of use @ 12 hours a day)
50,000 Hours
(Over 10 years of use @ 12 hours a day)

Driver wattage / maximum RGB LED strip lengths

Products7.5 Watt RGB LED Tape15 Watt RGB LED Tape
30W Driver4 Meters2 Meters
60W Driver8 Meters2 Meters
100W Driver15 Meters6.5 Meters
150W Driver20 Meters10 Meters
200W Driver26 Meters13 Meters
320W Driver42.5 Meters21 Meters
Please note our LED light products (tapes and drivers) are available as a 12V LED strip light, or in a 24V version. Wiring up the wrong voltage driver will damage your colour changing LED lights – so please check the driver outputs the same voltage at the LED tape input voltage.



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Restaurant Coving - looked great

I have used the 7.2w RGB LED Tape in my coving in my restaurant. I have to say I am very impressed with the brightness, a lot brighter than I thought. I have linked it up to the stainless steel wall controller DMX type and that gives all the control I need as I can select to static colours or have it doing slow colour scrolls over the evening.