DALI LED Receivers – for dimming and colour control 2017-12-13T09:21:31+00:00

Single-Channel DALI Receiver

  • Single-Channel DALI Receiver
  • Watts: 96W (12V) – 192W (24V)
    Voltage: 12V or 24V 

4-Channel DALI Receiver

  • 4-Channel DALI Receiver
  • Watts: 240W (12V) – 480W (24V)
    Voltage: 12V or 24V

DALI Receivers from InStyle LED

Instyle LED stocks a choice of DALI dimming receiver units. Linked to a DALI controller and a suitably-powered transformer, these receiver modules will give your LED tape all the control your project needs.

Depending on the number of zones you need to control independently, you can select either a single-channel, 2-channel or 3-channel dimmer unit. (The number of channels governs how many zones the receiver can control.)

Each channel draws 5 amps. Input voltage 100-240v AC, output voltage 12v or 24v.

To find out more about DALI control, see our support pages on white and single-colour dimming and controllers for RGB LEDs. And if you’re looking for a simple controller for your DALI installation, check out InStyle’s single-zone wall mounted DALI dimmer unit.