Dual-white LED tapes, also known as CCT LEDs, are a great alternative for primary/task lighting and highlight installations that require white-light LEDs. Because their diodes are mounted in pairs, outputting two distinct shades of white light, dual-white LEDs enable you to adjust the tone of your lighting to suit your mood or the time of day.

12W Dual-White CCT LEDs

  • 12-watt dual-white CCT LED strip lights
  • Output any whiteKelvin chart for dual-white LEDs
  • Watts: 12W per metre
    Lumens: 1250 p.m. (full power)
    LED: 60 x 3014 dual SMDs
    Voltage: 24V
    Application: Feature lighting

24W Dual-White CCT LEDs

  • 24-watt dual-white CCT LED strip lights
  • Output any whiteKelvin chart for dual-white LEDs
  • Watts: 24W per metre
    Lumens: 2500 p.m. (full power)
    LED: 120 x 3014 dual SMDs
    Voltage: 24V
    Application: General / work lights
Restaurant bar uplit by dual-white LEDs strip lights

Where would you use dual-white LEDs?

Our dual-white CCT range is a great choice if you’d like to be able to conveniently change the white light from your LEDs, anytime you want. They are fully compatible with our integrated inVyci product range.

For architectural projects that require a specific white shade (Kelvin value), dual-white strip lights can mix and then set the LEDs to the right colour permanently, via one of our CCT LED controllers.

Set the right mood for the time of day – maybe you want warm-white light in the morning and then prefer to adjust to cool-white later in the evening.

What type of SMD is used for dual-white LEDs?

InStyle’s dual-white strip lights use commercial-grade Epistar 3014 SMDs (surface-mounted devices).

Mounted in pairs, each 3014 diode is 3.0mm in length by 1.4mm wide and draws 0.1W with an Operating voltage: 3.0-3.4V. Brightness (for cool-white light) is in the range 9-13 lumens.

Wiring your dual-white LED strips

Use 3-core cable to drive your dual-white CCT tapes. Wire the tape’s positive lead (typically red) to the +ve terminal, and the remaining two cables (warm-white & cool-white) to the negative terminals.
Multichannel Wireless LED Receiver for CCT LEDs

What are dual-white (CCT) LED strip lights? And what do they do?

Dual-white CCT stands for ‘correlated colour temperature’ LED tape. Elsewhere, you’ll find them referred to as tuneable white LEDs or adjustable white LEDs.

Kitchen plinths lit by InSDtyle's dual-white CCT LEDs
Just like other strip-light products, dual-white LED tapes can be manufactured to output different brightness levels (depending on the power they draw and the spacing between LEDs; more LEDs per metre gives better colour mix and less spotting). Use InStyle’s 12-watt strips for feature-lighting and highlights (around 1,250 lumens per metre when both whites are at full brightness), or our brighter 24-watt strips for task-lights and main room lighting ( ≈ 2,500 lumens per metre).

As we’ve discussed elsewhere, white light is typically measured on the Kelvin scale. The two white chips found in dual-white LEDs are rated 2700K (warm white, which has a yellow tint similar to traditional halogen bulbs) and 6500K (the opposite end of the scale, being a white with a slight blue tint).

With one of our CCT controllers, you’ll be able to mix the two shades the same way RGB controllers mix red, green and blue LED light. So you can set your dual-white LEDs to output warm white only, cool white only, or any mix of them to create neutral whites (4000K), pure whites (5500K, no blue tint – think paper) and any other white shade.

How to control dual-white LEDs

InStyle offer a choice of controllers for your dual-white LED tapes. Choose from wall-mounted panels or handheld remotes, and single-zone or multizone options.

Remote Controller Kit for CCT LEDs (1 Zone)

Remote Controller Kit for Dual-White CCT LEDs


Wireless Battery Wall Control for CCT LEDs (1 Zone)

Wireless battery-powered wall controller for dual-white CCT LEDs (single-zone)


Wireless touchpad wall controller for CCT LEDs (single-zone)

Wireless Touchpad Wall Control for CCT LEDs (1 Zone)


6 Zone Remote Controller for Dual-White CCT LEDs

Remote controller for dual-white CCT-LEDs (6 zones)