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Deep Surface

  • Deep Surface Extrusion
  • Material: Aluminium
    Length: 1 metre or 2 metre

Thin Surface

  • Thin surface extrusion for LED tapes
  • Material: Aluminium
    Length: 1 metre or 2 metre

Deep Recessed

  • Deep Recessed Extrusion
  • Material: Aluminium
    Length: 1 metre or 2 metre 

Shallow Recessed

  • Shallow Recessed Extrusion
  • Material: Aluminium
    Length: 1 metre or 2 metre

Flush Recessed

  • Flush Recessed Extrusion
  • Material: Aluminium
    Length: 1 metre or 2 metre 


  • Bendable LED Extrusion
  • Material: Aluminium
    Length: 2 metre 

Tube Surface

  • Tube Surface Extrusion
  • Material: Aluminium
    Length: 1 metre or 2 metre


  • Corner extrusion for LED tapes
  • Material: Aluminium
    Length: 1 metre or 2 metre

Optic Lens

  • Optic Lens Extrusion
  • Material: Aluminium
    Length: 1 metre or 2 metre 

LED Picture-Rail

  • Picture-rail moulding for LED strip lights
  • Material: Moulded Pine
    Length: 2.4 or 3.6 metre 

LED Extrusions from InStyle LED

InStyle offers a comprehensive choice of LED tape extrusions (also called LED tape profiles, tape channels or tape tracks).

Extrusions are premium aluminium profiles – all designed to accommodate and enclose InStyle LED tape, creating a striking LED light-bar.

We offer a variety of different LED tape extrusions – surface mounted, recessed, and corner fitted. They are also available with frosted (diffused) or optic covers. To find out more, see our support page on the use of LED tape extrusions.

We stock extrusions in 1- or 2-metre lengths as standard, and they can be simply cut to size using a hacksaw. Extrusions can enable you to fit LED tape in locations where installation would not be possible without them. They can be butted together smoothly, giving a continuous effect. And they will provide additional protection from touch and moisture for your LED tape and offer a professional finish, ideal if the LED tape is on view.

Advantages of extrusions

Extrusions are a great addition to an LED tape installation. They are ideal if your LED tapes will be openly visible once fitted, as they can create a more ‘finished product’ (as opposed to just the exposed PCB).

The extrusions help prevent damage if the LED tape would have been easily touchable by hand. And although they are not waterproof, they also protect from moisture. (However you can install IP67-rated LED tape into your extrusions.)

Cutting and sizes

The extrusion is available in 1m or 2m lengths as standard, however you can simply cut the extrusion the length you require using a hack saw.


The extrusion can be fixed into place by using counter sinks screws straight into the extrusion. Alternatively you can purchase fixing brackets that you can fix into place and then clip the extrusion onto them.


All of our products are covered by a 2-year ‘back to manufacturer’ warranty (see here for details). For more information, prices or to order please call 0116 2799 083 or email sales@instyleled.co.uk

This item is in stock.  Orders received before 3.30pm are dispatched the same day.


InStyle LED uses DPD as our delivery courier. Standard next working-day delivery is usually before noon. When ordering you can upgrade to a pre-10.30 delivery if you wish. We can also arrange Saturday delivery or send your goods directly to site, please just ask.

LED Strip Lights FAQ

The extrusions are weatherproof and can be installed externally when used with IP67 rated LED Tape. However they are not waterproof, meaning that can not be installed submerged underwater.
You can simply counter sink screw straight into the extrusion or by using the supplied brackets.
The strip cannot bend round corners as it is rigid aluminium. However you can run it up to corners and the LED tape itself can bend around corners.