Wireless Dimmer-Controller (1 Zone)

  • Wireless dimmer/controller for white & single-colour LEDs
  • Wireless: Yes

Wireless Wall Dimmer (1 Zone)

  • Single-Zone Wireless Wall Dimmer
  • Wireless: Yes
    Zones: 1

Wireless Desktop Dimmer (1 Zone)

  • Single-Zone Wireless Desktop Dimmer
  • Wireless: Yes
    Zones: 1

Easy RF LED Dimmer (1 Zone)

  • Easy RF LED Dimmer
  • Wireless: Yes


2 Zone Wireless Wall Dimmer

  • 2-Zone Wireless Wall Dimmer
  • Wireless: Yes
    Zones: 2

4 Zone Wireless Wall Dimmer

  • 4-Zone Wireless Wall Dimmer
  • Wireless: Yes
    Zones: 4

5 Zone Wireless Remote

  • 5-Zone Wireless Dimming Remote
  • Wireless: Yes
    Zones: 5

WiFi Receiver / Adaptor

  • WiFi Adaptor
  • For use with WiFi-compatible controllers / dimmers

White & Single-Colour Dimmers from InStyle LED

At InStyle LED, we offer a range of dimmers to control your white or single-colour LED tape installations. With smooth dimming and complete control from wall units to wireless remote controllers, InStyle has something to meet all of your requirements.

Our range includes a single gang rotary dimmer with an infra-red remote. The single gang rotary dimmer offers 0-100% smooth dimming. It also has a remote control – with pre-sets including 25%, 50%, 75% & 100% – to give you the brightness you want wirelessly. We also offer a single gang rotary desktop dimmer, and sleek glass-finish multizone (2- and 4-channel) wall dimmer units.