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SPI Digital LED Strip Lights

Full-colour addressable LED tape
Commercial Grade

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These digital LED strips use an SPI serial interface – enabling you to control the colour and brightness of each individual mounted LED independently.

Digital LED strip lights (sometimes called pixel LED tape, chasing LEDs, addressable LEDs, programmable LED strips and a variety of other names) look very similar to our range of traditional RGB LED tapes. They’re flexible PCBs that are mounted with rows of full-colour LEDs. But by passing control data through a Serial Peripheral (SPI) Interface, digital LEDs offer an infinite range of fresh lighting possibilities.

Controlling your Digital LED Strips

InStyle’s digital LED strips are supplied with a fully-compatible receiver / RF remote control package that offers over 80 pre-programmed lighting modes – including

  • Single-colour or multicolour chases
  • Flash effects
  • Light curtains
  • Gradual fades…

…Or, by replacing our basic receiver / remote package with more complex controls, you can even program your own effects.

There’s no limit to the lighting you can create with SPI digital LED strip lights from InStyle LED!

InStyle LED only supply commercial grade products manufactured using premium components, so they’re  bright and built to last. Call us now on 0116 2799083!

  • Commercial Grade Digital LED Strip Lights
  • High quality branded LED chip
  • High grade, long lasting resistors to stop LED chip damage
  • LEDs are independently addressable (via SPI protocol)
  • Supplied with compatible receiver / RF remote control package
  • Digital LED Strip IC = WS2811
  • In addition to IC WS2811, the supplied receiver/remote package supports the following other IC modes as well: LPD6803, TM1803, UCS1903, TM1812, TM1809, WS2801, TLS3001, TLS3008, P9813, LPD8806, TM1829
  • Product Code: DT-RGB15-RR
ProductDigital LED Strips
LED Wattage:14.4 watts per metre
Voltage:5 volts
LED Life50,000 Hours
No. of LED’s:60 LEDs per Metre
Lumen€™s:1080 lm/m (maximum output)
Beam Angle:120 degrees
Cut Points:17 mm
Reel Lengths5 Metres
Tape width:10 mm
Tape Height2 mm
IC Mode:WS2811


ProductDigital LED Receiver
Voltage Input:DC5~DC24
Output:SPI signal
Warranty:2 Years
Dimensions (mm):58 x 104 x 26
CE + RoHS Certificated:Yes


ProductDigital LED Remote
Voltage Input:DC12~DC24
Warranty:2 Years
Dimensions (mm):36 x 90 x 17.6
CE + RoHS Certificated:Yes


Product Code: DT-RGB15-RR

Single-Channel Wireless RGBW Remote Datasheet PDF

Premium-brand customers supplied by InStyle LED


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