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Sushi Stick - programmable DMX controller

Wiring Diagram

SUSHI DMX LED controller - wiring diagram

Using your SUSHI DMX controller

SUSHI DMX LED controller - instructions

SUSHI Stick DMX Controller

12 channels (expandable to 512)
Commercial Grade

Availability: In Stock for next day delivery

If you’re looking for programmable DMX control for LEDs at a great price, InStyle now stock the excellent SUSHI controller by Arcolis (part of the Nicolaudie Group).

Each SUSHI stick (that’s ‘Sunlite Universal Smart Handy Interface’) is supplied with 12 control channels as standard, expandable up to a full 512 channels via add-on packs.

SUSHI channels/scenes can be programmed by ESA (‘Easy Standalone’) software, and loaded via the SUSHI’s USB port. You can program your own SUSHI or, if you prefer, InStyle can offer an in-house programming service to design and load colours, scenes and effects to meet your requirements. See our Nicolaudie Advanced DMX page for more details. Note: bespoke programming will not be available for next day delivery!

  • Commercial Grade SUSHI DMX Controller
  • Programmable DMX interface
  • Attractive, compact build
  • Expandable channels
  • Ideal for internal use
  • Product Code: CT-SUSHI-DMX
ProductSUSHI Stick
Input Voltage:5 volt (DC)
Control Protocol:DMX
Connector Options:Block – 3-pin
RJ45 – 8-pin
No, of Channels:12, expandable to 512
(128, expandable to 512 when connected to PC)
Programming Platform:Windows (MAC option available)
Dimensions:63x26x28mm (Block)
55x26x28mm (RJ45)
Warranty:2 Years
CE + RoHS Certificated:Yes

Product Code: CT-SUSHI-DMX

Premium-brand customers supplied by InStyle LED


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