MJ Boutique

A truly personal shopping experience, MJ Boutique is located in Michele’s Burbage Art Deco 1930’s French-style villa. Check out the store’s gorgeous and inviting new lighting design, by InStyle LED.

Suspended LEDs – ideal for retail installations

At the heart of MJ Boutique’s eye-catching lighting design are a collection of InStyle’s suspended LED tubes.

Available in a choice of profiles and lengths (up to 2 metres), these self-contained LED units offer attractive diffused lighting in a wide variety of light colours including whites, colours and colour-changing RGBW.

Every suspended LED product is supplied with sturdy metal wires for easy and safe hanging.

Our range of suspended LED tubes and batons includes a variety of different profiles and looks, so you’re sure to find the right design for your project.

For the MJ Boutique installation, smooth Circle Suspended tubes were chosen.

Dual-White LEDs – shades of light at your fingertips

Dual-white LEDs are a great choice if you would like to be able to conveniently adjust the shade of white light from your LEDs, anytime you want.

Maybe you’d like warm-white light in the morning, and then switch to a cooler white later in the evening? No problem!

MJ Boutique wanted the option to create moods by mixing specific white-light tones, so InStyle’s 12-watt dual-white LED strips were ideal for the job. These strip lights can be set to produce any white shade i(colour temperature) from 2700K through to 6500K.

These 12W LED strips were used in the suspended LED tubes (above), and also fitted without housing to create the striking drop-ceiling effect shown in the picture gallery.

The LED control you need – in a box!

All of the dual-white lighting in MJ Boutique’s vibrant new installation is controlled by one handheld controller. This single-zone remote controller for dual-white CCT LEDs includes a complete receiver and controller kit. Installed together with a suitable transformer, these two units will give you full control over your dual-white LED tape.

The ‘touch’ wireless remote will select any shade of white with its easy-to-use colour wheel. With the two ‘save’ buttons, you can conveniently store/recall two ‘favourite’ white shades for future use. The wireless remote is an RF (radio frequency) controller, which can control LED tape up to 20m away via its receiver. There’s no need to be ‘line of sight’, so the receiver can be tucked away in a cupboard or behind a wall etc.

Floating Floor effect – striking and simple to achieve

The striking ‘floating floor’ effect above is very easy to achieve.

MJ Boutique chose to fit several lengths of unmounted LED strip lights around the raised area of flooring. When lit, these LEDs create a great-looking feature, adding texture and depth to the store’s interior.

The floating floor is a feature, not part of the store’s mood lighting design, so there was no no to use more dual-white LEDs here. Instead, InStyle supplied pre-cut lengths of 10-watt LED strip lighting, in a neutral-white shade (colour-temp 4000K).