LED lighting gives a whole world of colours, tones and possibilities. Here’s a collection of pics from new installations supplied by InStyle LED!

Camden Apartments

Originally a typical 1930s industrial warehouse, Camden’s Anello building was once the home of aircraft-parts manufacturer De Havilland. It’s now been converted into 20 loft apartments and 2 penthouses. The developers used a massive 250 metres of InStyle’s 5-watt LED tape, all powered by a mix of 30W / 40W transformers, chosen to take advantage of the volume created by the high ceilings and the large windows.

Anello loft apartment entrance, Camden

Anello loft apartment bathroom, Camden

Edinburgh Hotel

24 Royal Terrace vestibule - 20-watt RGBW LED strip lights

Built in 1820 and overlooking the Firth of Forth, 24 Royal Terrace is a historic Georgian townhouse that’s been transformed into a stunning boutique hotel with an ever-changing art collection. A combination of 15W RGB (10m) and 20W RGBW (120m) LED strips from InStyle were selected to bring out the historic townhouse’s warmth and comfort, accented by four of our RGB uplighters and managed by 14 mulitchannel LED receivers.

Shelving & Display Lights

LED strip lights are a great way to make the contents of shelves and cabinets really pop. Here are a three very different examples:

 display cabinet LEDs on

 display cabinet LEDs off

…And LEDs work equally well in retail spaces too:

instore LED display lights

LED display at Leicester's 45 West gin bar

Garden Seating

These smart garden benches are underlit by 10-watt LED strip lights. The designer chose a warm white colour-temperature, to give the garden a cosy rich spirit even at night!

Domestic Designs

5-watt LEDs (warm white, of course) can give a bedroom something special!

bedroom with 5-watt warm white LEDs

LEDs are the simplest and most effective way to bring highlights to traditional coving, or to create stronger brighter lights and colours (as in this living room).

Depending on the room and the tone you want, there’s a wide variety of good LED lighting choices for your kitchen. Colour-changing RGB LEDs bring vibrancy to a busy space, like this:

…Or alternatively, pure white can be a great choice when you’re installing cabinet and plinth LEDs:

Pure white LEDs are ideal for domestic bathrooms too. This loft bathroom uses pure white InStyle LED strips to create a clean and classic atmosphere:

RGB Kitchen Lights

Let’s finish this collection of new InStyle installations with this fantastic kitchen project. The designer used 20 metres of 15W RGB LED tape, with a further 4m of 5W pure white tape for highlights. (He ordered the LED strips uncut, and used our RGB tape-to-tape connectors to cut and connect as the project evolved.)

The LEDs are controlled by a wireless RGB wall control, paired with two multichannel LED receivers, and the whole installation is driven by three power supplies (a 200W transformer, a 150W transformer, and a 30W transformer).


RGB kitchen lighting - video 1

RGB kitchen lighting - video 2