12v / 24v LED strip dimmer – our cost-effective inline dimmer

In our latest vlog, we show off the inline LED dimmer – what it can do, how it works and how to wire the product.

The inline dimmer’s features include:

  • a convenient stepped dimming range, with approx. 15% intervals.
  • remembering the last setting when powered down, even via the 240v mains switch (internal memory).
  • extra preprogrammed settings such as flame flicker, strobe and flashing.

Some benefits of the inline dimmer are:

  • that it is very cost effective
  • very small,
  • very easy to use
  • simple to wire
  • works with 12v or 24v led products

Max Wattage: 48W @ 12V / 96W @ 24V

For more information check out the product page here.

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