Modern Gardens & LED Lights for Dark Evenings

This month’s glossy issue of Modern Gardens magazine offers a tempting look at the possibilities of LED lighting in gardens and outdoor settings. Get a glimpse of their splendid article in our new blog…

InStyle’s own John Watts discusses a range of garden lighting installations with Melanie Whitehouse, including decking lights, downlight seating, steps and handrails. The effect is as modern as modern can be, casting an even glow that highlights straight edges.

In years past, weather-resistant LED lighting was an expensive luxury that required expert professional installation. But John explains that’s no longer the case. “They’re a lot easier for both the customer and electrician to understand and install,” he says.

Edge a path - Modern Gardens magazine

Modern Gardens is the new magazine for anyone who wants to make the most of their outside space. You’ll find the LED lighting spread on page 46 of the January magazine.

Downlight seating and Step edges - Modern Gardens magazine

Bright idea - Modern Gardens magazine

Budget best buys - Modern Gardens magazine