All About Wifi Control for LEDs

Wifi technology utilises radio waves in order to provide a network connection. It allows for secure high-speed data communication between devices.

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Note: In order to use wifi to control your LED strips via a phone or other device, you’ll probably need a dedicated wifi adaptor/receiver.

Why choose Wifi?

Wifi LED control offers you the convenience of controlling your LED tapes through a smartphone via an app, and offers you multizone functionality too.

Wifi also provides you with flexibility in control without being limited by space, when compared with wired control systems. This will offer you the convenience that you deserve.

You will also be able to save on costs, such as installation labour and materials. This is because you do not need a wiring system. Installation of wifi control is super easy and effective.

Another advantage of wifi control is that it offers a fully scaleable control system.

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What does Wifi mean?

Wifi stands for ‘wireless fidelity’. It’s a data-communication protocol that works in a similar way to other wireless connections (such as Bluetooth), transmitting via a band of radio frequencies.

How do you control LED lights using Wifi?

Control via wifi is highly dependent on the router, which will be provided by a given manufacturer. To control LED strips through your wifi network, you will need wifi LED controller(s) that are compatible with your colour-changing RGB LEDs, single-colour LEDs, and even colour-temperature adjustable (dual-white / CCT) LEDs, and also compatible with the smartphone or wifi cable device that you intend to use.

Controllers can be connected to an existing network and controlled through a smartphone. You’ll need to pair a wireless adaptor receiver (like the one we offer at InStyle) in order to get syncing and multi-zone control capabilities.

A wifi adaptor/receiver module

What is a Wifi controller?

Wifi control for LEDs is usually managed using an app on someone’s phone or tablet. This app sends a wifi signal through the wifi hub or router, to the receiver/adaptor, which seamlessly passes on the instructions to dim your LED striplights, change colours, and a variety of other functions – all from the phone in your hand!

What is a Wifi receiver?

This is a hardware device that allows you to control your LED tape using a smartphone app. At Instyle, we offer a wifi receiver/adaptor that provides you with multi-zone functionality. Our wifi receiver is compatible with our RF dimmers and controllers, so it provides you with the option of using your smartphone alongside LED controllers.

Wifi receivers work with LED tape dimmers as well as RGB / colour-change controllers. The wifi receiver offered by Instyle has a 9-watt (12v) power supply onboard. The big advantage with wifi control via this receiver is that with a multicontroller, you can comfortably use the app for controlling your lights without the need of a physical controller.

Connections for your LED wifi adaptor/receiver

How do you wire a Wifi LED control system?

A  wireless lighting control system has a dimming module which is installed in a junction box such as a switch/sensor. The sensors have a wireless transmitter which sends signals to receivers that are located in gateways after which they are sent to a particular server. The server then sends communication to the controller in order to adjust the current status of the junction box.

While setting up this system, it is important that you ensure that all the devices are joined onto a programmable network from where there are different groups tasked with different assignments.

For clear communication between the devices, you’ll will need to ensure that your devices are within range of each other, in order to ensure reliability for transmission of wifi signals.

Your phone (or other wifi device) needs to be connected to a wifi box, which is in turn connected to an RF receiver wired to the LEDs to be controlled. Once you’re connected, you’ll be able to select a range of colours, dimming levels and other lighting options from your smartphone.

Can I control other lighting using the same Wifi controller – for example, LED lights and other things?

Yes you can! With an LED Wifi receiver (such as the one that we offer here at Instyle), you’ll be able to access multi-zone functionality through your lighting-control app. This will enable you to control different areas separately, or to synchronize them together.

Some devices may require additional hardware. Smart bulbs from brands such as Philips Hue and Cree, as well as Sengled Element, all use a ZigBee radio protocol and will require a ZigBee to act as a wifi bridge to your wifi receiver.

Can Wifi work with home automation systems such as Lutron and KNX?

Yes, wifi control easily complements home automation systems! KNX and Lutron allow you to control your smart home through smart switches, which send  signals to your router.

Lutron in particular offers a ClearConnect wireless signal, and with just a plug to bridge them to your router, you’ll be good to go.

Wifi and other wireless protocols - integration may require some additional hardware

What Wifi control do InStyle LED offer?

At InStyle, we offer an LED Wifi receiver and LED multicontroller receivers that make it a doddle to control your LED tape through a smartphone app (download here (Android) or here (Apple), and see our instructions for use here).

We also offer a full range of wifi-compatible LED tape dimming and RGB LED controller options.