Meridian Audio gives InStyle’s RGBW chip-on-board LEDs a great reception!

At Meridian Audio in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, the team at Louise Tarling Electrical have added a striking dash of colour to the reception area display stand.

Louise’s installation makes great use of InStyle’s brand new COB (‘chip on-board’) No Dot RGBW LED striplighting, which offers an incredible smooth linear light output of vibrant, glowing colours.

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No Dot COB LED strips use an innovative technology design that enables the light-emitting diodes to be positioned much closer to each other. Smaller gaps between diodes means a smoother lighting effect. InStyle’s COB RGBW tape has an impressive 840 LEDs per metre!

The reception display stand LEDs are mounted in 6mm-deep flexible aluminium extrusion profiles with opaque diffusion covers, which together give the completed installation a lovely sleek finish.

Offering colour, brightness and scheduling set-up via either mobile devices or a wall-mounted controller plate, Louise opted to install a smart, reliable RAKO system to manage lighting control.

Project Installation Gallery

Check out Meridian Audio’s fantastic COB RGBW installation by Louise Tarling Electrical in the gallery below!

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