300 Degree LED tube light – Any colour and size!

What is the 300-degree LED tube light?

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This is our latest product, a complete 300-degree smooth LED tube light that can be made to any length up to 2m and in any colour. This can be stuck to walls or hung from ceilings.

What sizes does the tube come in?

This product can be made to any length between 0.1m and 2m

How long for delivery?

This product is in stock for next day delivery.

What whites are available?

2400k / 2700k / 3000k / 4000k / 6000k  (from very warm white to cool white, and all the options in between).

What colours are available?

Every colour is available –  Red, Green , Blue, Pink, Orange , Amber, and also RGBW colour-control.

How are the LED tubes controlled?

We have many different control options.

Our LED tubes can be switched directly from a power supply, or dimmed using TRIAC.

You can choose remote controls, wall controllers and even wifi control. You can have single-zone or multizone control, allowing you to control one area or multiple areas individually or fully synchronised. We also have a large range of different control protocols to work with almost all home automation systems or controllers, such as  DMX, 0-10V, and Dali.

Can they work with a home automation system?

Yes they can. We stock many different receivers to work with any home automation system such as Dali, DMX and 0-10V.

Are there different brightness’?

Yes we offer 2 different types of brightness – either 10w or 24w p/m

  • The 24 watts per metre tube is ideal for projection lighting, as well as offering a smooth effect when viewed directly. It will throw light out of the product to provide strong lighting over an area. (White shades only are available in this brightness.)
  • The 10 watts per metre tube is for visual decoration and design only. It’s ideal to be looked, and to create a smooth effect. But it won’t output enough light to light up an area. (All the single colours and whites are available in this brightness.)

How are they installed?

LED light tubes have two methods of installation:

  • Fixing brackets can be screwed into place first, and then the tube light can be clipped to the brackets. Ideal for walls or ceilings.
  • Method 2 is hanging wires. This allows the tubes to be hung evenly or even at different angle, to create striking visual effects. The wires can be any length you require.

Where would LED tubes be installed?

LED tubes can be installed anywhere (interiors only). They’re ideal for retail / show window displays / hotels /  feature walls / gyms, and more.

Why InStyle LED?

We stock all of these LED tubes for next day delivery.

We can make the tube to any custom length you require, up to 2m.

You can provide us with the lengths you need or, even better, a quick sketch of your area with the lengths written on them. We’ll advise you on the best way to wire the strips.

We can speak to your installers or electricians, to answer any questions – before, during and after your project.

Please call us today on 0116 2799083 or email [email protected]