Ed at Samara James has wired up a pair of new light panels using our high-power LED tape, to display their superbly designed and crafted jewellery.

InStyle cut 40 lengths of 20-watt white LED tape to Ed’s specifications – each 20cm long – and soldered a 25cm starter-lead to every one. We also supplied two 24v power supplies, which the LED strips were to be wired to in parallel.

Our 20-watt white LED tape is the brightest and most high-powered in our tape range. Ed chose a pure white shade (colour temperature 6,000 Kelvin).

At their exclusive West London showroom, Samara James produce quality bespoke jewellery – including engagement rings, wedding rings, earrings and necklaces – all made to the very highest standard. They specialise in ‘Hearts and Arrows’ diamonds, which are perfectly cut to maximise fire and beauty. Their skilled craftsmen and diamond setters perfect every item by hand. This ensures that each piece is of the highest quality – a stunning piece to keep and treasure forever.

Samara James display case LEDs