Beautiful 3 Floor Luxury London Home

This 3 floor luxury London home has been fitted with 20w RGBW lighting strips tailored to exact measurements to fit each room. This project focused on the hallway, reception & living area. In addition to this we have also provided lighting through the basement which also included a games room with a Jacuzzi area.

Reception & Living Area (Lutron Systems)

This modern luxury home has a beautiful reception & living area the reception area has a wall which divides the hallway from the living, dinning and kitchen area. InStyle has provided tailor made 20w  RGBW LED strips using a wired Lutron System.

Benefits of a Lutron System:

  • Dimmers save electricity this due to being able to have full control over how bright you would like your lighting which the dimmer the light the more electricity saved. In addition to this dimmers save 4-9% in electricity over standard on/off switches.
  •  Control over lighting allows for enhanced comfort, as lighting plays a big part in creating an atmosphere and a persons mood.
  • Safety of your home is important to everyone, with having a Lutron system in your home you can take advantage of its latest automation technology which can detour intruders.
  • With Lutron systems having occupancy sensors which detects spaces to see if the room is occupied which is cost efficient as lighting is automatically turned on and off. Also with a combination of LEDs and a Lutron system you are not constantly spending additional money on bulbs as LEDs typically last from 6 to 10 years and the Lutron system allows for longer bulb life.

Dinning/Kitchen Area (DMX Receiver)

InStyle has provided lighting to run around the edges of the ceiling and kitchen extractor fan to compliment the modern look of the house. Within this installation InStyle also provided DMX receivers which is a transmitter for lighting to be controlled through your wall controller.

Benefits of DMX Receiver

DMX was a lighting control standard for most of the stage and production lighting, however more recently they are commonly being used in houses as well. DMX allows you to customize and infinitely change and modify your lighting sequences as well to have independent control between sections. DMX can be generated with an analog or digital DMX console, or for ultimate versatility and flexibility with a USB to DMX interface and software.

Basement (Games  Room & Jacuzzi)

Having lighting that creates a mood and atmosphere is something sort after when designing a room for entertainment. InStyle LED have provided this entertainment space with lighting with an infinite colour range, this allows for creating the perfect environment for many different occasions.

4 Zone Wall Controller

With having lighting through out the house control is essential. InStyle LED offer a various range of controllers, this house was fitted with a 4 zone wall controller which controls, in addition to this our 4 zone wall controllers come with a remote control which give you control of each floor.