Benefits of LED strips cut to custom length

What are the benefits of having your LED strips made to the exact lengths your installation needs?

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At InStyle LED, we have been supplying LED strips since they first hit the market around 13 years ago. So we’ve come across 1000’s of lighting scenarios and supplied 100,000’s of customers.

From our clients’ feedback and our experience, we’ve learned that the benefits of supplying LED strips to pre-cut to the required lengths in our workshop can really help our customers and their projects in many ways. If it’s possible to supply measurements upfront, then ordering your LED strips cut to bespoke length is nearly always worth doing.

Fast delivery

We have a team of highly skilled solderers. However many bespoke-length LED strips you require, we can ship for delivery within 2 days (usually next day delivery, like our off-the-shelf stock). You couldn’t possibly make the strips to these lengths faster yourself unless you have three or more solderers on-site, all with the right tools, experience and free time!


As our solderers are all experienced, we have the correct tools in place, and we apply 3 stagers of quality control, you can be sure that all soldering by InStyle LED is done to perfection. And we add heatshrink coating over starter leads for added protection too.


If you send us a plan of the lighting area(s) for us to pre-cut your LED strips, then we can weigh up your best option for wiring, we’ll supply the LED strips to fit each location, and we’ll pick up on potential issues that may cause installation problems. We’ll advise on things like making the strips shorter in length due to cut points without losing any light in the corners.

Save money

We charge only a small mark-up for soldering. Because of our solderers’ efficiency, speed, full-time commitment and full tool set, you will save money rather than having to do this yourself or pay an installer to solder your strips on-site.

Long warranty

Our warranty is 5 years on bespoke LED strips that we have soldered. If you have soldered the strips yourself in any incorrect manner, then these would not be under warranty.

Why InStyle LED?

We stock all of our LED tapes for next day delivery.

You can provide us with any sketches / plans and we can advise on the most cost effective way for wiring / control.

We can speak to installers, before, during and after your project to answer any questions.

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