Do I need an LED profile/extrusion? And if so which one?

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Do I need an LED profile? 

This depends on the nature of each project. Keep reading to find out more:

Do I need the LED profile to act as a heatsink?

With LED strips from InStyle, the answer is ‘no’. All of our strips have resistors and PCBs that are correctly managed, so that you do not need any external heatsinks for the product to function properly and last its whole life. All of our products have a 50,000 hour life, without the need for a heatsink.

You do not need an LED profile if you cannot directly see the LED strips

If the LED strip cannot be seen in anyway, then you won’t need an LED extrusion. For example, if the LED strip is in an uplight coving or drop-down ceiling, they key is to have a slight up-lip on the coving, which will obscure the LED light source from direct line-of-sight viewing. The LED strips will give an even effect without an LED extrusion, as long as there is a 30mm distance between the wall and ceiling.

This principle is the same for under-cabinets or bars, and other similar examples. The main tip here is to have a small down-lip, so that you cannot see the LED strip directly, or to position the LED strip further away from line of site. If this kind of arrangement can’t be achieved and you can see the LED light source directly, then you may want to use an LED extrusion. (Note, this isn’t a necessity, it’s a personal preference if you don’t like seeing the LED strip and the ‘individual dots’ of light when looked at.)

What are the reasons to use an LED profile?

  • You can use an LED strip to offer protection 

If your LED strip can be touched, for example in a public area such as under a bar front or in a retail shop, you may want to choose an LED extrusion to offer additional protection.

You would usually use a thin surface mount extrusion in this case.

  • To create a beam of light when looked at

If the LEDs are on show and you are aiming for a smooth lighting effect, then our deeper extrusions can be ideal to create this look.

It depends on which LED strip you choose, but a general rule is 120 leds per metre would look diffused at 15mm or more from the cover. All of our deep extrusions are 15mm or deeper.

See an example here:

  • To offer a recessed finish

You may want to have the LED strip recessed into a kitchen cabinet, for example, so that the LED strip isn’t on show. You can use our recessed extrusions create this effect.

  • To bend round a surface edge 

You may have the strip going round the front of a reception desk, and you’d like the light to look like a complete product with a sleek finish. This is where our bendable extrusion could be used to great effect.

  • Walked over / driven over

Our walkover extrusion does exactly that. It can be recessed internally or externally, and can be walked or even driven over. Once installed, it creates a smooth beam of light when looked at.

  • Corner fitted

Our corner profile can offer a smooth glow, when installed into a corner of a room or at the join between two surfaces.

  • In between tiles / small areas

If you are looking for a complete beam of light in a tiny extrusion that can be installed between tiles or very tight areas, then you need our 5mm LED extrusion:

  • Plastered in

Our plastered in extrusion creates a smooth light effect when looked at. When installed, it shows only the diffused cover – because you can plaster right up to the edge to create a stunning effect.

See here:

Why InStyle LED?

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