How do I wire LED strip lights for a larger project? (Anything over 5 metres in length.)  

Check out our new vlog.

This vlog covers some great questions including:

  • The best way to wire your large LED projects
  • How to avoid voltage drop
  • Can you wire multiple strips back to one power supply?
  • How to wire LED strip lights for a coving or other rectangular installation over 5m

We have have a detailed page on large project installations here: Why not check it out!

Why InStyle LED?

We stock all of these LED strips for next day delivery. 

We can cut and solder the LED strips to exact lengths for you, and can solder in any corner links and custom length starter leads.

You can provide us with the lengths or, even better, a quick sketch of your area with the lengths written on them and we can advise the best way to wire the strips.

We can speak to any installers, before, during and after your project to answer any questions.

Please call us today on 0116 2799083 or email [email protected]