An insight into our Chinese factories! – how InStyle’s LED strip light and LED controllers are made.

Check out our new vlog.

Please check out the video from our latest trip to China. See our visit with our manufacturers of our LED strip lights and LED controllers.

We have been working with our manufacturers for over 10 years now, and our great relationship allows us to have complete control over all of the products we make.

In our Leicestershire warehouse, we stock huge amounts of every product, to make sure we can offer next day delivery on 95% of our orders,

Our company aims to supply the highest quality LED lighting products and offer the best service and the fastest delivery times – all whilst keeping prices low!

Our LED strip light factory only supplies InStyle LED – no one else. This allows us to choose all the components that we want, in order to make the highest quality range of LED strips.

Our LED controller manufacturer has over 200 staff, and is one of the biggest LED controller companies in China.

Why InStyle LED?

We stock all of these LED strips for next day delivery.

We can cut and solder the LED strips to exact lengths for you, and can solder in any corner links and custom-length starter leads.

You can provide us with the lengths – or even better, a quick sketch of your project with the lengths required. We will advise the best way to wire your LED strips.

We can speak to any installers, before, during and after your project to answer any questions.

Please call us today on 0116 2799083 or email [email protected]

How LED strip lights and LED controllers are made