How to Buy LED Tape from InStyle LED

Buying LED Tape from InStyle is easy!

Whether you have never used LED Tape before or you have used it many times, InStyle’s staff can help and offer you advise for a quick and easy, correct purchase for your requirements.

Browse the website

InStyle has gone the extra mile to ensure our website is fully up to date with all the latest information available to you. We have a clearly laid out website full of content, including wiring diagrams, video tutorials, videos of projects, full photo gallery of each product in action and full detailed descriptions of each and every product. To find out what you require you can simply click through our website to check out what LED tape range you think is for your requirement. We also have easy downloadable PDFs for you to print off the specification of the product if you wish to compare or save for later. Our website doesn’t have prices but we can instantly quote you over the phone or by email.

Call our highly technical, friendly staff

All of our staff are highly technical and super friendly! So no matter how small or large your project is you can always call and get instantly put through to a member of our staff who can assist you in any requirement, questions or advise you need. Our staff can talk you through your project and can offer installation advice and after-sales support. You can buy LED tape over the phone by simply providing one of our staff with your requirements and details.

Step 1:

Check through the website to see what you would require. Alternatively call our helpful staff who could advise you on your needs

Step 2:

Email you requirements to InStyle LED or alternatively call our helpful staff and let them know what  you are looking to purchase. We can cut and solder your LED strip lights to specific lengths that you require

Step 3:

Provide over the phone your full details and payment details. This can be card or bank transfer

Step 4:

InStyle will send a confirmation email to you confirming your delivery date and sending you your invoice

Step 5:

Goods will be delivered by DPD the next working day after we’ve prepared and packaged your order. You can track your delivery via the link on our main website menu (above).

Step 6:

Any installation advise please call InStyle LED. After this stage your goods should be complete