How to pair an InStyle LED receiver with an LED controller

If you have purchased RF controllers and receivers from InStyle LED, then you may want to know how to pair or reset the receivers.

This is very simple.

Begin by finding the learn key on the receiver (usually a black button that says ‘learn key’).

To reset:

Hold this button down for around 10 seconds – you will see your LEDs flash once and go to the white colour, to indicate the reset is successful.

To Pair:

Turn your LED controller on – usually indicated by a red light for remotes or a blue light for wall controllers. (note: some controllers do not have a light)

Click the learn button once (do not hold).

Then within 10 seconds press any key on the controller to pair. (For multizone controllers, click the number of the zone you would like the receiver to be paired to, then click any colour on the controller.)

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