How to stop my LED strip lights from falling down? – Installation advice

3M backing tape

All of our LED strips have 3M backing tape fitted as standard, at InStyle we use the strongest 3M backing available. This is great if the strip is being stuck on its back, with the LEDs facing the ceiling (upwards). If the LED strips are on their side or on the ceiling facing downwards, then eventually they will fall down and you should consider one of the additional fixing options below. Always make sure the area is flat and as clean as possible before sticking LED tape into place with 3M self-adhesive backing.

Foam backing tape

Our foam backing tape is seriously sticky. This is great for splashproof LED tape, that weighs a bit more than normal tape. It is also ideal for areas that are not completely even or not as clean, as the foam tape will stick better than the standard 3M backing. Another tip is to stick the foam tape into place and then stick the LED strip with its standard 3M tape attached onto the foam tape, because foam tape offers an ideal surface to stick to. Again if the strip is on its side or facing downwards, be sure to use one of the options below.

Fixing clips

Fixing clips are a great way of keeping the strip into place, the only negative is you need the time to screw them into place and a little extra space around the LED strips (the clip’s additional width). The clips are a long-lasting install that won’t come down until you choose to take them out. Fixing clips are ideal if the strips are facing downwards or to the side or facing upwards, in any position. These are also a good choice for external strips, where the backing tapes will not work.


Our aluminium extrusions are a great way of keeping your LED strips into place. Their inner surface works extremely well for LED tape to stick to using the standard 3M tape, and there’s also a cover to protect the the tape. The extrusions can be directly screwed into place or fitted using fixing clips that the extrusion snaps into. The extrusions are ideal internally or externally, and add protection for the LED strips. They can be installed any any angle, e.g. facing downwards

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