I can see the reflection of my LED strip lights in my tiles! How can I avoid this problem!?

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If you have already bought your LED strip lights, or are thinking of purchasing LED strips, to use as plinth lighting or other similar installations, then you should be aware that reflective tiles will show the LEDs’ reflection in them. This can create a horrible ‘dotting’ effect.

So how to avoid this problem? The right approach with LED strip lights is to install in a way that means you’ll see the light effect without seeing the light source directly.

Check out our new video for some top tips.

Top tips

  • If you can, install your LED strips where there is no reflective surfaces. By tackling this at the source, you can eliminate the problem of reflections entirely.
  • Position the LED strip on its side. Rather than have the strip facing downwards, you can reduce the reflection this way. Even better would be to have a bead of wood or foam tape stuck underneath the LED strip to act as a ‘lip’, hiding any reflection on the tiles.
  • Use an extrusion. If the above tips are not an option, then you can use a LED profile. If you use a narrow profile extrusion (7mm), then you should also fit the extrusion on its side. (Narrow profile here: https://www.instyleled.co.uk/thin-surface-extrusion-led-tape/)
  • If you use a deeper extrusion (15mm), then you can have the LED strip facing downwards as the extrusion diffuses the light to create a continuous beam of light without ‘dotting’. (Deep profile here: https://www.instyleled.co.uk/deep-surface-extrusion-led-tape/)

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