Iron Man LED Movie Prop Replica

As Halloween draws ever closer ideas for costumes start flooding my mind, with the recent release of the Iron Man 3 DVD a costume evolving around this movie could be a good idea. Surfing around the inter webs i came across this fantastic Iron Man LED movie prop replica of the Arc Reactor Tony Stark has on his chest.

The creator of this replica Honus, states on his blog post that he was looking for a cool but relatively simple halloween costume but something that was still eye catching, i’m sure you can agree that this is definitely the case with this LED prop. The prop isn’t 100% accurate to an actual film version but is a mix between the MkI and MkII versions, but as you can see from the above picture there is no mistaking what the prop is meant to be.

This prop itself has been created with an acrylic ring with a surface mount which holds the blue LED‘s in place. There are ten blue LED’s that are arranged around the acrylic ring and there is one that is in the centre which has been covered with a lens to create a diffused glow. The whole LED assembly is connected to a heart rate monitor which actually causes the blue LED’s to beat to the rhythm of your heart.

If you are thinking of having a go at making this movie prop yourself then you will need to get hold of a few materials such as a thin brass sheet, a plastic sheet, clear acrylic sheet, copper wire, sheet metal, and the electronics for the LED’s to illuminate. You will also need some tools in which to create this prop such as, soldering iron, dremel tool, glue gun and a jeweller’s saw. For a full run down on the tools and materials you will need and a guide on how to put it all together then click here.