LED halloween pumpkins ideas

Halloween is just around the corner and the traditional thing to do for this holiday is to carve a face into a pumpkin to scare the trick or treaters. In this day and age of technology why not add some LED lights into your pumpkin master pieces and make them more exciting and even more scary, as well as making them much safer than using a candle.

Here are some LED halloween pumpkin ideas found on Youtube for your inspiration in making your own LED halloween pumpkin.

Pumpikin with strobing red LEDs

This Youtube user has carved a traditional looking face into their pumpkin and placed red LED‘s into the middle that have a strobe effect. When in the dark and the red LED’s are on the strobe effect makes the pumpkin look rather scary.

Halloween pumpkin with 10W colour-changing RGB LED downlight

This pumpkin uses a 10 watt colour changing RGB LED downlight placed into the middle, creating a scary looking face with its ever changing colours.

Funky halloween spider pumpkin with blue LEDs

This funky looking pumpkin with a spider carved onto it is using blue LED’s to light up the the carved web the spider is attached to.

Hopefully with these examples of what can be done using LED lights in your pumpkins has inspired you for this years halloween. Not only will you be keeping with tradition but you will also be bring your pumpkin ideas into the modern era using the LED lights. The added bonus for using the LED lights is safety, as they are much safer to use than using a candle, the other benefit is that these LED’s will out last your pumpkin and you can use them for next years pumpkin and for many more years to come.

Image used from Flickr