LED strip light or LED wall washer light?

LED strip light or LED wall washer light – what is the difference and which product should I choose?  

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These two products both look like they do the same job. Which one is right for your project and why?

Well they look like they create the same effect – both shining out white or RGBW colours onto a surface. But LED strip lights and wall washers are used for completely different tasks!

LED strip lights – what are they, and when/where/why should they be used?

LED strip lights are mostly used for highlighting areas to give a feature glow. They can be bright enough for working light.

  • Maximum power is ~25 watts p/m.
  • They can be made in runs of any length up to 5m, and have cut points at intervals as small as 25mm.
  • A flexible product that can be supplied/stored on a reel.
  • They output a non-adjustable 120-degree wide beam angle.
  • Very small and thin product that can be used anywhere.
  • Not enough power to wash walls completely, or to be used externally on the sides of buildings to create large-area light washes.
  • Maximum light beam is 1m, but areas with low ambient lighting, the beam can reach to around 3 metres.
  • Can be used in residential homes / clubs / bars / homes / restaurants.
  • Usually used as a feature highlighting product, to supplement main lighting.

LED wall washers – what are they, and when/where/why should they be used?

  • Available in fixed lengths of 0.5m or 1m.
  • Maximum of ~96w p/m.
  • The extra brightness means these units can create complete washes of light, powerful enough to wash walls top to bottom (up to 5m and more, depending on ambient lighting).
  • Ideal for washing external walls / buildings of 5m height or more.
  • Various lens options are available – to create a tight wash, at tighter angles such as 45°.
  • Larger products, so not as easy to hide.
  • Far too big and bright to be used in residential properties or anywhere such as covings etc.
  • Ideal for hotels / clubs / bars / restaurants to create complete wash lighting, or  a major feature-light effect.
  • Can be used as working light.

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