LED Tape – 24 Hours A Day

Do you sometimes wake up just before your alarm? If you’ve finished work early, do you find it tough to relax? It could be down to circadian rhythm. Drexel University’s dLUX Lighting Lab (in Philadelphia, USA) have been investigating this, and exploring how LED lighting can help.

Circadian rhythm sets your body’s clock to a natural daily cycle, using sunlight and darkness. But when we’re keeping a regular schedule inside, under artificial lights, it’s easy for our body clocks to get out of sync. That’s why we quickly start to anticipate our alarm clock’s ring.

Poor synchronization has been linked to symptoms of insomnia, lack of energy, seasonal affective disorder, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease, among other conditions. That’s why the researchers at dLUX Lighting Lab are using colour-changing LED technology to mirror how the sun’s colour and intensity changes during each day – from a low orange in the morning, through an intense white glow around noon, back to mellow orange as evening draws in.

Rich evening light from LEDs mounted in a dropdown ceiling

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With RGB LED strips and a controller – or even a simple phone app (if you install a wifi receiver) – it’s easy to adjust your own home or workplace to this kind of schedule. You’ll probably want to adjust intensity and colour settings to fit your own preferences.