LED UFO flies over GDANSK Poland

LED UFO flies over GDANSK, Poland way back on the  4th July 2008, for a project called “Untitled (UFO)”.

LED UFO art project over Gdansk, Poland

Take a look at the above video and you will see a UFO covered in LEDs flying over Gdansk, Poland. The UFO was created for an art project by established New York artist Peter Coffin. Cinimod Studios was hired to help with the project, known as “Untitled (UFO)” – they helped design and construct the innovative structural, technical and electrical design.

The UFO’s structure was made from aluminium to keep it light and is 7 meters in diameter. To illuminate the UFO, 3000 bright colour kinetics colour LED tape lights were attached to the structure, all individually addressable and controlled by a solid state computer. To drive all this hardware, a 6kw generator provides the system with power, and the flying craft can be controlled by simple SMS messaging!

The flying craft took its maiden voyage over Gdansk on the 4th July in 2008 before flying along the coast from the nearby town Sopot, just after sunset. The sight caused locals to look on in shock and amazement.

The group took the UFO out for another flight in Rio De Janiero, Brazil on 23rd May 2009, where it flew over Rio’s Copacabana beach. For this voyage, the craft had been upgraded with an additional 150kg of bespoke lighting equipment to help achieve a greater visual impact.