Light up your TV using RGB LED Strips

Ever wanted to create a stunning light feature behind your TV?

Well now you can using InStyle’s RGB LED strips by InStyle!

InStyle’s RGB LED strips can be simply and quickly installed around any Television to create a stunning colour changing halo glow that can be controlled via a wireless touch wheel remote.
InStyle can even supply the LED Tape to specific cut lengths that you require to the nearest 100mm including soldering on starter leads to make for a quick and easy install. For example you could order 3.2m of RGB LED strip with a 3m starter lead.

Wall-mounted TV with LED backlights

RGB LED strip

What you would require:
RGB LED Tape either standard (7.5w p/m) or high power (15w p/m)
RGB Wireless touch controller
Transformer (size based on how much LED strip you use)

State exact length you require (nearest to 100mm) and how long you want the starter lead and InStyle will make this up for you.
The transformer will be supplied with a standard 3 pin plug which you can plug into a wall or cut off to wire directly to a standard light switch.

Here is a wiring diagram for the RGB LED strip and controller system


Simply peel the 3m backing tape off the LED Tape and stick it into place

RGB LED tape is supplied with 3M self-adhesive backing as standard, for quick easy installation

The RGB LED strips can be selected to any shade of any colour using the RGB wireless controller via its touch colour wheel. The controller also has the option of colour scrolls, whites and flashes. The remote controller receiver does not need to be ‘line of site’ with the receiver to work

Wireless RF RGB Remote

The transformer can simply be plugged into a 3 pin wall socket or it can be removed and you can wire directly into a light switch

LED power supply and cable

All of InStyle’s products are in stock for next day delivery. Call 0116 2799083 today!

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