RGBW LED wall washers – where and how to use them

In this vlog, we’ll explain our RGBW LED wall washers: what are they, where can they be used, how are they wired, and how they are controlled.

We’ll also show the wash effect they create on a wall.

What are RGBW LED wall washers

RGBW LED wall washers are LED products that can be adjusted using a controller to select / mix any colour of light. They do this by mixing light from red, green, blue and white LEDs at source.

Available in 0.5m or 1m sizes, our wall washers are LED batons that are designed to project coloured light down a wall or surface..

Their wide optic lenses are designed to produce an even wash. You can install several downlights, controlled together or individually depending on which controller you use. You can wire multiple downlights in series, all wired back to a single power supply.

Where can they be used?

Wall wash fittings can be used anywhere, as these are commercial grade high-power 96-watt fittings. Ideal for washing walls or surfaces, they can be used in locations such as hotel function rooms, night clubs, bars, restaurants and homes to create ambient mood lighting or change the look of buildings and other environments.

How are they wired?

This depends on how which type, and how many, controllers you are using. Wall washers are wired in series, and you can link as many units as you require in a row as long as you have the correct thickness cables. InStyle LED can advise you on wiring requirements.

You can have several wall washers wired back to a single power supply. We even offer large power supplies to power up to 6 units from one power supply.

How many wall washers do I need?

This depends on your project and budget. A general guide would be, if you have a large wall and you are looking to create a wash effect all the way along you would have them spaced at roughly 1m intervals.

If you are looking less of a light-wash and more of a ‘light-shoot’ effect, then you should space them every 2m. (For the ultimate even light-wash, you could even go as far as having the units with no spacing at all, so they’re touching each other.)

How far can they shine?

This depends on the ambient lighting.

Wall washers are commonly used to give an even wash up to 5m. They could reach further, to wash up tall buildings.

How are they controlled?

At InStyle, we offer many different control options.

Choose from remote controls, wall controllers and even wifi control. You can have single-zone or multizone control, allowing you to control one area or multiple areas individually or fully synchronised.

We also have a large range of different control protocols to work with home automation systems or controllers. These include DMX, 0-10V, and Dali.

Can wall washers work with my home automation system?

Yes they can. We stock many different receivers to work with any home automation system.

What is the difference between RGB and RGBW LEDs?

RGB stands for Red/Green/Blue light. RGBW stands for Red/Green/Blue/White light. The benefit of these RGBW LED fittings is that you have a dedicated white LED, which enables you to mix pastel colours and truer whites. Our RGBW LEDs are Red. Blue, Green + Neutral White light, allowing you to mix to any white when blended with the RGB colours.

Why InStyle LED?

We stock all of these LED wall washers for next day delivery.

You can provide us with sketches of your area and we can advise on how many wall washers you’ll require to achieve your effect. We can also advise on the most cost effective control options, and on what other products are required to work with any home automation systems.

We can speak to any installers, before, during and after your project to answer any questions.

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