Warm white LEDs – why is there more than one type of warm light?

Why is there not just one warm white LED shade? How can there be more than one warm white to choose from?
And which one should I choose for my project? What is the difference between 2400k, 2700k and 3000k LED lights?
These are all great questions asked by our customers!

Why is warm white not just warm white?
Warm white can be interpreted differently by every single person. You can have a light warm white, a medium warm white and even a warm white that is very nearly an amber shade… all different as they can have more or less of a ‘yellow’.

Kelvins (Colour Temperature)
The Kelvin is a scale to measure the shade/ colour of white LEDs.
The lower the Kelvin value, the warmer the light. The higher the Kelvin value, the cooler the white (in terms of colour not heat).
So 2400k is a very warm white, 2700k is an extra warm white, and 3000k is the least warm of warm whites.

Which is the most common to use?
2700k or 3000k LEDs are the most commonly used types. If you do not like much of a yellow tint to the light you would choose 3000k, which is really on the light scale of warm white but not quite a neutral white. (Neutral would be 4000k.)
If you are looking for a cosy yellow tint to your light then you would choose 2700k. These two variations are most popular with LED bulbs and halogen lighting so your current warm white lighting is probably one of these two. If you are unsure what to choose, then 3000k is the safest bet. 2400k is usually only required on a specific request, e.g. architect specified, or you have seen a sample and really like the extra warm glow.

Which to choose for my project?
There is no correct answer. You could either check out what your other lighting in the room is, such as LED bulbs, and match the strips to them. (e,g., the LED bulb is 3000k then choose 3000k LED strip lights.)
Alternatively you can get samples of each colour and test them in situ before buying, to see exactly the effect in your project.

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